Thursday, 24 January 2013

Weather, Icicles and the flight of the Pheasant

Today was dry and sunny although it was very cold, dad was pleased, he thought AH GOOD because the photovoltaic cells would finally get to generate a bit of power, it has been ages since we have been self sustaining in electricity and he is grumbling that the electricity supplier might actually want some money off us for supplying electricity.  Then about mid afternoon he realized that despite all the sun we had generated very little electricity, because half the panels were still covered in snow. He did go outside and shout at the snow but the snow just sort of lay there and completely ignored him, the Snow Zombie grunted a bit because that is something zombies sort of do and a big pile of pheasants screamed and panicked and flew off in all directions. When I say fly pheasants are not great at flying or anything else really, but they had worked out that we had a bird table and food and although they tend to dislike man because he shoots at him quite a lot they are getting a bit hungry due to snow lying on the ground now for a week so were sneaking up to the house to eat seed. That was OK until dad ran out and shouted at the snow on the roof and waved his fist at it confusing the pheasants, mum said IDIOT but I am not sure if she was referring to the pheasants or dad or the snow.

 I was rather looking forward to the icicle competition with Miss Fionaski the famous Russian Spy the other day but the weather changed slightly and all the icicles vanished, it appears that icicles are very fickle they only turn up when a whole series of metrological conditions are favourable and a slight change in any one of them and off they go. It reminds me a bit of Esmeralda in the Physics lesson she is very good and in there with the best of them when we are experimenting with explosives and diabolical acids and death rays, but as soon as say a ball point pen or a piece of paper turns up she vanishes in a cloud of confusion, actually I am being slightly artistic with the truth she reminds me a bit of those pheasants making their get away from dad although Esmeralda flies even worse than a pheasant.  AH I have just compared Esmeralda to a panicking pheasant that may not fair well at school in the morning if she reads this . . . . . . . . DAMN.  Still it could be worse I could have told you that her school uniform made her look like a penguin today HAH HAHHAH Hah hahhahah hahh ha hahhah hahh hah hahh ha . . . . . . . . . . . . DAMN I have told you now, that’s not good .. . . . . mum has said IDIOT  . . . . . . . DAMN.

Oooo I did see an icicle today by the way although it was not very big, less than five feet long….

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I hope all members of RATs should be OK as you all follow my blog . . . .  

I would Like to thank Miss Lily and Arlee Bird for their feedback and I hope you are all able to comment OK again, when I say all I do not include the spammers  who are abusing the anonymous comments option to ruin things for the masses. I am as I type making an Anonymous Voodoo doll out of a tin of Spam and will be sticking pins in it very soon..........  



  1. Test ... Test .... Test .... It seems to be working again.

    1. Thanks Mr ESB it is nice to know I am back and able to accept comments again, Those spammers are very clever they target older comments hoping, I guess that you don't notice. I would not mind if they were advertising something worthwhile but they don't. I suspect some of them may even be conning people out of money.

  2. Ah yes, that's better. As refreshing as an icicle dripping on my head as it melts.

    A Faraway View

    1. Thanks for the tip on which option to choose . . . .

  3. Hello from the Dominican Republic in the sunshine. All seems fine here on my little magic box.
    I love a tin of spam, but hate electronic spam. Changed my email address last year and now get very little if Any at all.

    Good luck with snow - its down to 24 C here bbbbrrrrrrr!

    1. The snow has turned to rain tonight Mr H and we are now back in the world of floods . Us British finally have good reason to complain about weather because it is terrible and getting worse.

      Make the most of that sun Mr H and remember to have something warm to hand when you arrive back in the UK

      Great to hear from you.