Monday, 7 January 2013

There are no words no sounds all is static

It has been a long hard and busy day today for both myself and the Ghost Writer, he found himself surrounded by a swarm of dissident computers bent on revenge over issues to do with tea breaks and iced buns. As the Ghost Writer said there are times when computers really do not appear to be rational and he had to work very hard all day just to pacify them and finally convinced them that ginger cake might be a better option as it is less likely to short out their processors. And after sticking a slice of ginger cake into the DVD drive of the ring leader, the rest of the group backed off and hid behind a screen saver when the ring leader malfunctioned and turned blue.

I, myself had to fight through mud and gore (not Al) after an early morning attack by a gang of mad axe men, who resorted to chain saws and were leaping about cutting bits of stuff in the way that mad men with chain saws do. So me and the Ghost Writer have both come to conclusion we are just too done in to write a single word tonight, so we are very very very very sorry but there is absolutely no diary entry tonight……… A shock yes but it was bound to happen sooner or later, after all we/I have got close to this once or twice in the past but it has never happened, once again sorry and as for responding to comments I will try and catch up tomorrow .

Oooooo and I might have managed just a bit of drumming earlier which is why I am let telling you I am not writing a thing about anything thus the blank space of my diary.



  1. If you are not going to write a diary entry then I'm not going to write a comment. There is no comment here, nothing to see, nothing to read. I have not even read the things you didn't write because you didn't write them so I couldn't read them.
    I'm not going to say - for someone who manages to write an entry EVERY day, you deserve a day off and there's nothing wrong with that - I can't write that because you didn't write about how busy you are!

    I now do not know if I have confused myself or not....

    1. Well said Mr H. I am always pleased when no one writes as much as you have not written, I think?

  2. Ssh, as there is no diary entry for this post, I was never here reading an entry about the fact that there is no entry. *sneaks away silently to go and eat a Caramac.*