Sunday, 30 September 2012

Werewolfs in pink leotards and cheese cake

After the Harvest Moon of last night which was well bright to say the least where just as I was about to abandon my efforts to see a werewolf, I suddenly noticed three of them creeping out of the woods wearing pink leotards, it was that sort of night. Anyway they started dancing and acting as an acapella harmony backing group to the owls who were singing that damn silly song by Tiny Tim, I think it is a cunning plan to undermine the authoritarian responsible message that my diary represents. Lets face it werewolf’s in leotards is just not normal and portrays no moral message what so ever, in fact it might be quite the opposite I am still working that out as I type.  No I can’t work that out so I will ignore it; anyway they vanished with a loud howl although it was in harmony down a tunnel entrance, which just goes to show you need to watch where you walk in a field full of cows. I can remember being told to watch where I was walking in a field full of cows when I was very very young and I always wondered why.

Have I ever mentioned that the Ghost Writer a long time ago used to be a UFO pilot and flew his UFO hundreds of miles annoying all sorts of things like Octopus and Cod; I don’t think I have, although I have now . . . . . .

OK what was I talking about AH yes the harvest Moon; well today was the local Harvest dinner where everyone gets together and eats loads, they really do eat loads even me who eats loads did not eat as much as some of the other people eating loads. And then the folk who had cooked all the food said there was loads more and we could all have seconds but I was by then totally full, although I did manage a large piece of cheese cake and a thing with puff pastry and cream for pud. That however was a few hours ago so I think it is time to eat more food now YUM. . . . . . . .   



  1. Missing T? I tried reading the words on the RATs icon badge thingy, and I think there are only two T's instead of three in the word 'constitution'. It is kinda fuzzy, so I wasn't sure, plus Cooper is snuggling with me right now making typing veRy diffy-cult, as weLL as seeing.

    The main things I had to eat was salmon and oriental rice with shrimp, both from the frozen food section. I have one more buffalo pork burger for supper soon. We have a product caLLed zesty bread and butter pickles, do you have them there? I enjoy them on my burgers.

    1. You may be right with the T's It is the sort of thing I do.

      As for zesty bread and butter pickles I have never seen this in the UK but it may be available somewhere, most things are if you look.