Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bollywood Food, Steven Spielberg and the Icelandic fridge leprechauns

The day started wet, that is not what the man on the weather forecast on the wireless said last night or this morning and it remained like this till lunchtime when it suddenly became sunny. It was rather interesting because the cloud suddenly ended as a line across the sky and it was blue and clear one side and all cloud the other, maybe dad has finally got that weather machine working.

I was unfortunately set to work in the Orange room again moving a cabinet out and a shelf unit in. That sounds easy enough but both were full of stuff loads of stuff, we have loads of stuff because we like stuff and none of us like to throw things away just in case.  Then I had to put a CD rack up that holds loads of CD’s but it proved rather a tricky thing to do, which should not happen, it should be easy.  Not too much left to do now though  

I think the problem is iffy walls the drill starts to wander about a bit and then everything is out of alignment; I can see now, why I was made to do all this. Then when I was putting up a curtain rail I found a huge great I-beam, (not an iphone or ilaser death ray). 

I have just been told that it is all very well writing what I have done in my diary but that very nice Stephen Spielberg is hardly likely to make a how to do DIY film. Personally I would not put it past him he is a fickle film maker and you just can’t tell what he might do after all he is rather diverse in his choices. The dog says that I stand more change of making it onto one of the What the Butler Sawed in Half Machines on the pier at Blackpool or Brighton rather than the wide screen in 3D, but he will change his mind when we get offered loads of money……. Mum says IDIOT.

We have just had a rather yummy Indian takeaway from the Indian restaurant in Monty so I am now going to put my feet up and chill….. I say that but I will not be putting my feet up anything and will remain warm rather than trying to freeze, it is difficult to be relaxed while you are cold unless you are one of those Icelandic fridge leprechauns that causes agro in the fridge, eating all the good bits like chocolate and the ice cream. I haven’t seen one myself but both dad and the dog have, and I have noticed chocolate vanishing.



  1. How strange, I thought that I had left a comment on this blog post but it appears there isn't one yet, so this comment is about no comment, and it also makes complete sense now that a no comment would be the opposite of an on comment, when one has meant to comment, where one is me.

    1. After reading your blog post, I had a sudden urge for ice cream. So I had a medium sized spoonful (of ice cream). I don't know you have ever encountered that phenomenon when you read your blog posts. It is now almost 3 AM here and my wife was scared when I walked back into the bedroom because she thought that I was already in bed but there are just eXtra pillows. So I must resemble piLLows ?!?!? Anyway, so now she is planning to make coffee, decaf I hope. I don't normaLLy think of myself as a scary person. Puppies, kitties and babies usuaLLy find me quite delightful. WeLL, I yam off to find a cup of brew .....

    2. Although your reply to your comment shows 9.03am which to me is a good time to eat ice cream or drink coffee. I would say 3AM is a slightly scary time to eat ice cream. I can understand that your wife might well be scared by a strange man eating ice cream at that time of the morning particularly if your pillows looked like you, and you did not look like your pillows....

      I am not sure what puppies, kitties or babies would make of me at 3AM as it is rather unusual for me to encounter them at that time. But if I did I would make a scary face and go AAAAAAAUUUUUuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhh so the response may not be ggod.

  2. We live parallel lives. We can't throw anything away either. There are four of us. Occasionally, someone does throw something away, but it's rare. AND I spent Saturday packing up all my CDs because they are now on my mac and backed up on my time machine and I didn't have an office, so every day I had to clear off my work from the kitchen table and throw it on the dining room table so that we could eat dinner, and then the dining room table eventually reaches super-saturated status and i have to spend a weekend digging for say, the title to our new car so I can get an emissions The Engineer dug out my beloved Grandmother's antique card table and we found a spot for it in the living room corner, and I stole a book shelf from Jake who wasn't using it and didn't want it and was using HIS method of cleaning which is to put whatever HE doesn't want in someone else's room, so that bookshelf had been (I kid you not) next to the stove, in the kitchen where stoves belong but bookshelves do not, and took some serious de-greasing. I'm slowly getting organized. Perhaps I'll do a before and after post...
    Love the cloud picture. Can you get that weather machine pointed this way when you're done with it? We have 90+ degrees all summer, and yesterday it was in the 70s. I lay in my backyard with my family for three and a half hours, reading, talking, boys working on homework. It was a glorious day. I want more.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. I still like CD's although given a choice I would choose LP's as I rather like the traditional rituals that accompany the playing of long playing records on a turntable.

      We too have indulged in the game of musical dining table and every now and again the small mountains of stuff are rotated round the house. I often try and get tidy but I have always found that the result of this is you just can not find things.

      When we moved house about 9-10 months ago our original plan was to down size but our house, a classic 1970's bungalow is in fact quite large so we can continue to play a game of the mad hatters tea party and just rotate, much like The Engineer does in your house. We approve of his methods and the fact he is an engineer, my blog and my good friend Mr ESB from the comments above yours can get a bit techy. As for the weather machine it is rubbish and your heat wave is no doubt the result of his efforts to improve things here.