Saturday, 9 June 2012

Andy Warhol's Plinth, an empty space which has been cursed by a witch and the Hayward Gallery and the minor distractions of the day

The cows next to our house (a distraction)

Today I am rather late with my diary entry, I sort of got distracted by things. The last of which was bats flying about over the house……WELL COOL, I have also been distracted by dragonflies and cows as well as plinths. And a picture of a  city skyline at night that Captain Nessman has set as a cunning test to see if I know things. It appears this is something I don’t know and what is even more worrying is he gave a clue but I don’t know what the clue is so………. AH…….. mum says IDIOT

A cool looking dragon fly in the front garden (a distraction) 

Turning my dinner into a fish (a distraction)

Some clouds in the sky today (a distraction)

Some of you will be thinking AH yes distracted by a plinth that is good he is getting on with that cultural Olympian, but no, it is not good because it is not that plinth, not the one I have to make. The plinth I have been distracted by is one briefly stood on by Andy Warhol which is part of an invisible exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. It is because I was having a bit of a moan (not as in Zombies) on my blog about how conceptual art is all rubbish these days. So they are having a go at me, and if you think no they are not, that is being paranoid they also have  an empty space that has been cursed by a witch. Bearing in mind many of you know my good friend  Zilly the Witchy, I think we can take it as read that someone is having a bit of a go at me here. When I say here I mean there, there is none of that invisible art here, there is no way I would let anyone see it here.

So in order to counter act this blatant act of artist aggression by these unknown artists (Well I don’t know them) on an unknown artist (me) I have responded in a greater act of conceptual art by exhibiting the cultural Olympian which is visible on an invisible plinth in the International Implausible Gallery of Insubstantial Rationality, famous for the fact it is not only invisible but it does not exist. And as a final act of defiance the grand entrance of the International Implausible Gallery of Insubstantial Rationality has been placed right outside the Hayward Gallery………. SO, ya sucks boo. To be placing real things in an invisible gallery seems a grander gesture than placing invisible things in a visible gallery, any fool can do that.

Anyway enough of that, it has been a really nice day today in terms of Weather here, just like June although I don’t have much of the day left so I better post this or my diary entry for today will be invisible………..AAAAAAuuuuuuuuggggghHHHHHHH   



  1. Question: your picture of turning your meal into a fish, um, just wondering, um, what kinda meat was on the plate? If it was already 'fish', then you suceeded in turning fish into fish. Since my new definition for the word 'remarkable' means 'to be able to turn into a mark again', then consequently 'refishable' means 'to turn into a fish again'. Of course saying 'remarkably refishable' combines the two, but with a power function. My other thought was if the meal had chcken, and there is that 'Chicken of the Sea' thing, so that would make your fish, um, tuna?

    1. Ah well Mr ESB the answer is that it was vegetarian (the food not the fish). Onion bhaji and samosa's. I am a meat eater so by turning my vegetarian meat into a fish it sort of became non vegetarian, well only sort of.

  2. I get distracted all of the time. I love the picture of the dragonfly! :)

    1. Yes it was a very cool looking dragonfly and has been in the garden a few days now. We do have a pond and then there is the Fabled Minor Stream if Inconsequence that runs behind our garden at the edge of the woods. So it must have started life in one of those.