Friday, 20 April 2012


RRRrrrrr Har Har Har Hardy Harrr RRRRRRRrrrrr It be R and R stands for Pirates.
Mum said I had my chance; P stands for Pirates…….  NOT R
But me and the dog disagreed and said “RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr Harrrrrrr Harrrrdy Harrrr”.
Captain Flint the Parrot said “Pieces of Eight who’s a pretty Polly then” and Mum pointed out they were P words a bit like Pirate; but I told her that today I was not having a Parrot sat on my shoulder, but the Steam Powered Duck from yesterday and I planned training him to be a Rook……. Quack. Well he is trying to be a Rook Quack, Ok not a very good ROOK…..Quack

The English Teacher at school was helping, she said “A Round the Ragged Rocks the Ragged rascal ran” and the duck said QUACK., QUACK QUARK QUARRRRRK QUACK. It was a start, the Steam powered Duck will be a Rook in no time……... Maybe?

Right I must Return to the Reason, the Rationale for Relating all this Rubbish, the letter R. The teachers were Right behind me they love Pirates and Recon we could turn this into a Right Rollicking Read. So everyone cheered and shouted  “RRRRRrrrrrrr Harrrrr Harrrrrdy Harrrrrrrr Rooks be in ye Rigging HARRR hardy  HARRRR RRRR”. Roger added “and Ye Rhino’s and Rattlesnakes” (Miss Stephanie hated RATTLESNAKES as you will see from the link) but I think he is being ridiculously silly. So after a good old sing song in assembly Reciting, Row Row Row your Boat, we went off to be Ruthlessly Rebellious Renegade REVOLUTIONARIES otherwise known as Pirates HARRRRR Harrr Harrrrrrrr HARrrrrrDY rrrrrrrr

Esmeralda knobbled Roger with some dodgy Narcotics so that he was giggling a lot, which meant we were able to run him up the flagpole so we has a Jolly Roger HARRRRRA rararr rarar rar HARRRR HARRRRDY HARRRRRR rrrrrrr, very Resourceful although Roger seemed a  bit Resonant or Reluctant but we promised to Retrieve him later. We then spend the day doing the three R’s READING Writing and Piracy (P is nearer to R than A so Yarrrr sucks boo).

Quack …. Yes sorry Duck, I mean ROOK, have you considered sitting in the crows nest  

 Esmeralda was dressed up in her Regal Regalia and a Ra Ra skirt and brandishing an assortment of Revolvers.  And Rick dressed up as Rumpelstiltskin Restlessly chasing Rusty needles all day and Repeating I bet you don’t know who I am to which everyone would return the comment “ You’re Rumpelstiltskin Rick” and he would reply “I Repudiate that and Refuse to Respond”, and the Steam powered Duck sorry ROOK would shout Quackers . I think in its own way the Duck sorry ROOK was calling Rick and IDIOT.

OK I must Run this has got repugnantly random and the a lack of responses means I am reluctant to write more

I quite agree duck………..sorry ROOK)

Yes dog sorry it needs a rewrite but I am in a RUSH.

No really I am sorry about tonight it did not work out as planned, but then that can happen, I sit down and write. Never quite sure where it will go and every now and again it does not work; tonight I feel is one of those nights maybe trying to do the A to Z twice back to back is just more than my poor old brain can cope with…… and I would like to add that although we forgot to get Roger down I spoke to him on his mobile phone a few minutes ago and he said he was OK

SHUT UP Duck…….Sorry ROOK. 



  1. Oh Esmeralda in her Regal Regalia and Ra Ra skirt, sounds like me from the 80s...

  2. I forgot to add that I think you're doing an outstanding job, considering this was back to back with the last A-Z challenge you did.

    I'm immensely impressed that you could still come up with something original the second time around. So kudos to you Mr Z.

    1. What is odd is that most of the page views now are not from A to Z blogs but from Russia. So I am popular in the Kremlin, maybe it will be a Russian Block buster movie. That would be COOL.

  3. R for Rob
    You R doing a Roaring job.

    Rhyme, rhyme, rhyme...

    1. I write but do I write right to be a writer.

      Still all I can do is follow my own path