Thursday, 19 April 2012

QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK ........... ..... .... Quack ....... Quack

QUACK Quack Quack Quack

That is the duck I will explain in a minute, but it is all a bit of a rush because the bus got stuck in a Queue on the way home from school. I hate Queues.

Shut up duck

I will explain where the duck came from.
The other day I thought it is that Q letter again soon so I will invite our friends round from the previous Q for a Quant party in order to Quantify the Quizzical interest in my diary as to whether I can maintain the Quest for Quality.

Having contacted Quasimodo, The Queen of Qatar, Professor Quatermass and Don Quixote in the great void of Cyberspace, I was met universally by the following response; and I Quote.

Ooooooo I have Quite a lot on, I am involved with one of those government Quango’s (a Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation; if you are outside the UK) and I have just Qualified for the final of a Quiz on Quantum Physics and anyway I am feeling a bit Queasy, and my Quill is running out of ink so bye.

So I was left in a bit of a Quandary
Yes Yes duck I am getting there

Then at Breakfast this morning dad gave me a Steam Powered Duck and said don’t worry Rob this will help loads and the Steam powered Duck said “QUACK QUACK QUACK”. I did ask if the Steam Powered Duck said anything else but dad said “AH………. NO”. And the Duck said QUACK and mum said IDIOT, she was referring to dad and I can see her point QUACK is only one Q word

Yes a point well made Duck.

At school during our lesson on Sub Participle Physics with Professor Quiggly he asked the question; “What particle other than the famous Higgs Boson are they looking for at the Large Hadron Collider”. It was at this point that the Steam Powered Duck woke up and started shouting QUACK QUACK QUACK, Professor Quiggly said “well done it is the Quark who said that” and every one shouted ………… DUCK.  Now in our school if someone shouts duck that is what you do and the professor did. But after the error was sorted he said “Well done  Duck I  am Professor Quiggly” but the Duck shouted Quack, Professor Quiggly said “it is rude to call a Professor a QUACK”; to which the Steam Powered Duck said QUACK QUACK QUACK and we were banned from class. 

Anyway outside while we were waiting (me and the Duck), a man with a suitcase was passing when a policeman stopped him and asked what he had in his suitcase but before the man could answer the duck shouted QUACK. Unfortunately the policeman thought the man had said CRACK, so he said “Crack…..OK sonny down to the police station mister smart ass, a full body search for you my son”.  

We are home now and all is quiet.


Well almost quiet……..And yes not a lot of Q’s but a lot of Quacks and so I plan to Quit while I’m ahead.




  1. Hahahaha! I never thought I'd see the day when Rob Z, child of cyber-space, wrote about crack.

    Excellent as always Mr Z.

    1. I have seen the film The French Connection with Gene Quackman

  2. Q. What do mexican ducks eat?
    A. QUACKamole.

    1. I never thought the A to Z would end up with Quack jokes

  3. Nearby in Amarillo, TX, there is a law firm named Quackenbush at 3311 Olsen Blvd. I think there are no other names on the sign, as typicaLLy law firms have partner names out to three or four places, besides, would you want your name on a sign with Quackenbush? Although, come to think of it the law firm of "Quackenbush, Bush, Quaker" sounds delightfuLLy wonderfuLLy near symmetrical.

    1. I too like Quackenbush, Bush and Quaker.

      It has all the making of a new TV drama series. Maybe we could sell the name and fill in the script afterwards when they hand over the money

  4. Nice Q words there, an unfortunate situation with your teacher though, that silly duck! :)

    1. Yes but Teachers quite often have to be taken to hospital with bits missing, so he got off fairly lightly this time.