Monday, 16 April 2012


Navigating Nomadically through the never-world of cyberspace I feel I need to mention My old friend of cyberspace and a Noble Pirate, Captain Nessman of the High Seas (I know name-dropping). Now me and Captain Nessman have known each other for nearly two years (no longer) and have nurtured a good friendship. Even when Captain Nessman  would suddenly nip off in to the NIGHT sky crossing the great Nabulus seas in his Neoclassical Nuclear Pirate ship The Nautilus, No that’s wrongs that’s Captain Nemo’s or was it Leonard Nimoy’s from Startrek? ………. Never mind.

But Now Captain Nessman of the High Seas has settled into a new life as a Notable Academic in many things

Auntie Nelly who is Ninety Nine said she spent last night in a night club with Nigel the nice man from NICARAGUA, She said the narcotics can make her Very nimble. Mum says Auntie Nelly is a nightmare and once ran Nude through the Norwegian Embassy, and smuggles the dogs Nitroglycerine though customs at the nearest airport hidden in her Zimmer frame.   


Apparently the Neolithic Neon Newtonosaur had been seen in the woods, needless to say me and the dog went to explore. The Neolithic Neon Newtonosaur was so named because Isaac Newton was the first person to see one through his telescope. Bearing in mind he had just invented it, (the telescope not the Neolithic Neon Newtonosaur) and had the only one (again I refer to the telescope), so not as impressive as it might appear.  Anyway it is worth remembering that the Neolithic Neon Newtonosaur a nasty niggly nomadic beast, The nemesis of the night, should not be confused with the Nano  Newtonosaur a small Norse furry Creature.

It was not long until we came face to face with the so called nemesis of the night, the Neolithic Neon Newtonosaur but it was strangely happy, and it told us it had just met a pretty girl who had given him a invite to the ISOBAR and he even gets two free drinks after she said he looked like an INTERGALACTIC INVADER from IO. We did say what ever you do don’t drink the Billberry bush MOONSHINE  and you should be fine.

I seem to have drifted away from N words a bit but as the dog says an N is Just a Z that has fallen over. But I can’t work out if it has fallen forwards or fallen backwards ………. Ah mum has said IDIOT.

I am told this is not the way to write a novel……………. OK why Not?


HAH HAH hah ahah ahah ha haha haha hah ahah aa a 



  1. Heehee, Aunt Nelly sounds like my kind of gal.

    I must say, I'm very curious to see what Billberry Bush Moonshine tastes like and what affect it might have on an already depressed woman, with a matriarchal homicidal child.

    1. Im sure the Bilberry Bush Moonshine will help loads.

      see you at O for O DAM I have to think of something else now.

  2. A nuclear pirate ship? HELL YEAH!