Saturday, 14 April 2012


After a morning chatting with friends in the Bishops Castle, we returned home because dad has had a brilliant idea. He is making the first Steam Powered Muck Magnet that will remove muck from almost everything using a magnetic flux density Motionless Multiplex Drive Motor. But this may take dad hours or maybe longer so I will move on to my more mundane day.  

After a lunch of mulligatawny made with Mutton, eaten with toasted Muffins, me and the dog went out to explore the woods, a new part this time with its own small microclimate, where we met three Mutant monsters, the Mysterious Murderous Mumbling mummified Mutant Monsters of Mesopotamia. Playing Music and muttering about the mysteries of Mythology and mythological men.

Having a long conversation with the Mysterious Murderous Mumbling mummified Mutant Monsters of Mesopotamia was well misjudged as the following few minutes of conversation will make clear (They are called Mumbling for a very good reason).

Dog          “AH, you must be the Mysterious Mutant Monsters of Mesopotamia

Monster 1  “Musrestuizt Musvieinvy Mddheewyhf Monkeys

Monster 2  “Muxicllly Muised My move Miffgsdgss Rob

Me            “WHAT?........... I don’t think so

Monster 1  “Marionettes Mintressed Mouse move monsoon Muesli” 

Me            “WHAT? Monsoon Muesli

Monster 1, 2 and 3 and dog  “Muesli YUCK

Monster 3  “ Monsoon miedres  Misslrfed makes much Hail

Dog            “At least four feet

Me             “WHAT?”

Monster 3  “Much Hail

Dog            “midget Microbes Making Migration in Miniture

Monster 1, 2 and 3  “HA HAH HAH HAHH hah hah ah h haha hahh hah hah ahh ha hha hahah ahhah h”

Me             “What?”

Monster 1  “Mondi  Mombi  Mumbai


Me             Mumbai?”

Monster 2  “Mumbai Rob, Mumbai Dog

Monster 3  “ Mutter mutter Mutter misdsbbtty Mumbai

Then they headed back into the woods where the trees and undergrowth were much thicker.  The dog said they were off to a party in Mesopotamia with The marauding mean megalomaniacal Mankind Mutilating Marionettes of Moldova, and we might have been invited if I have not said No……….. WHAT?

Anyway back at home we discovered that dad had accidently inverted the Magnetic poles of the Muck Magnet …….YUCK, Mum is not pleased………

OK Must Go……….. Mumbai Everyone ….” Misffleerlkrrek Midbrwsfgges



  1. Oh, that pesky muck magnet...

    1. Indeed best to stick with the vacuum cleaner, or a cat covered in Velcro works quite well

  2. And when Moms aren't happy nobody is happy!

    1. Very true.

      I look forward to seeing the X ray of Stormy

  3. An interesting twist on the A to Z challenge might be to use the greek letters in their spelled out version (alpha, beta, gamma, .....) where the greek letters are parts of other words, even if there are slight misspelinkgs.

    1. Thanks for including the four feet hail reference ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . with the monsoon.

    2. No Problem Mr ESB. As for the Greek letters ........ My brain hurts, I must go and lie down

  4. Great post, that conversation looks very confusing! I'm glad I never run into monsters of Mesopotamia :)

    1. Deep down they are just old softies