Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Photo-voltaic panels, deadlines and a nice curry

It has been an eventful day as the men and the Photo-voltaic panels for the roof turned up to start fitting the fittings and then the panels.  It is all go because there is a deadline set by the government which says, you must meet a deadline for a prize (A good prize). But if you miss the first deadline a man will say you missed the deadline, but we will give you some money (a bit), but not as much as you would have got. But if you miss the second deadline well then there is no prize and you do not get to pass go.

On top of that mum and dad had to drive in a huge circle that took almost half the day to do so that they could arrive back where they started.  Actually mum is at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop as it now only has three weeks left before he returns to the underworld, and the curiosity shop turns into a shop.

The good news is that we are all off for a curry tonight at the very nice Indian restaurant in Monty with Mr Charlie and Miss Jane to discuss life the universe and stuff. So tonight’s diary entry is shortish.
The bad news is its  Valentine's Day which dad always forgets like lots of chaps, because as dad says it is what men do, forget stuff, like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and well loads of stuff.

And bad news for those of you planning to put solar panels on your roof. It appears that after the 1st April (I think) unless your house meets rather exacting standards in efficiency regarding electricity use, insulation etc you will not be allowed to add them. As there will be someone going out to inspect the house to ensure it meets these rather demanding new standards (I say all this but I know nothing, so best to check).  I only add this last little paragraph in order to be informative and useful to the great British public, sort of.

Please note that last paragraph will be removed in the block buster movie

The Ghost Writer has promised to take me to Brecon tomorrow, Well Cool maybe, as long as he is not grumpy (OK he will be grumpy). 

A valentines day song 


  1. It's pretty cool that you're putting solar panels on your roof!

    1. thanks they should (all being well) be working by tomorrow night, It does mean we will have a very shiny roof. I will post a picture once it is done..

  2. You need to be careful with solar panels. we some sellotaped to the roof of the shower block on site last year and we all know how hot it was back then! i think if there are too many solar panels we will all melt. which is better than freezing i suppose.
    thats why im against these wind farms. theres enough wind already without having to farm the stuff as well.

    1. Hi Mr H We are due to have several huge wind farms near us well about 15 miles away. The main problem is all the pylons, no one likes Pylons I once posted a Save the Python comment on an anti pylon facebook page. It was not popular as folk misread it just seeing the word pylon. I did try and explain the difference between a pylon and a python but it was as the old saying goes "Like poring hot oil on a chip fat fire"

      I am told solar panels are far more efficient when they are cold. So logically they are more efficient at night rather in the hot sun of the day. So on a really hot sunny day they are rubbish in terms of efficiency.I am hoping everything will settle down at a steady say 75f with a gentle breeze and no rain for the summer