Sunday, 26 February 2012

Man's need to explore the unknown

It has been a beautiful sunny day today, the best day of the year by far and so me and the dog explored the inner depths of a clump of conifer trees which we estimated may not have been explored for at least a thousand years. It is places like this that small micro climates can evolve and within them entire worlds. So we were extremely encouraged by unknown foot prints and the remains of bones. The dog was convinced they were the bones of a creature as yet undiscovered by man too………. WELL COOL

As we battled our way through the conifers, it involved a lot a sawing and hacking with a machete by me, much to the disgust of the dog. Who complained that it is all well and good exploring the unknown, but to make a bloody great path through it rather messes the whole thing up. I did point out he is huge and was making a bigger path than me. So we put this destruction of the unknown microclimate down to progress, and mans need to explore the unknown.  We both agreed in the end a nice tarmac road would make exploring so much easier in an unexplored jungle, and maybe a nice café.

Anyway after a long hunt for further adventure and lost tribes, we arrived at the enclosure of a large strange white noisy beast .OK it was a goose we had gone in a huge circle and arrived back where we started, near next doors geese. It did give us time to do some forensic research on the as yet unknown bones; we even found what appeared to be the remains of a box. So we assumed that the bones were part of an ancient sacrifice to the gods and on closer investigation the box appeared to have the letters KFC written on the lid in what appeared to be blood almost completely faded with the sun and time. The dog says this stands for King Fenrir Camaxtli and he would know as he is not only from the jungles of South America but looks like a scary wolf too, so enough said.

Dad is pleased because (assuming the paperwork all pans out OK) the solar panels on the roof have made £7:25p today, I did say THAT’S COOL CAN I HAVE  MORE POCKET MONEY THEN but he said NO……. ……. ……. NOT FAIR. I even offered him the strange bones in the remains of its container with the KFC on the lid but dad said IDIOT so did mum as it happens. And the Dog has eaten the bones now. It a tough life being an intrepid explorer.  



  1. I got to the part in the story where you used the words tarmac and café, and then I had to stop reading momentarily because the desire for coffee from a café was too overwhelming. I shall return shortly with my beverage. I didn't know if you had a psychic ability to detect when people had only completed reading part of a blog post, and I did not want you to be dismayed, discombobulated, distressed, or disgusted by wondering how someone could possibly start reading your story and then stop. So in the words of someone who's name kinda sounds like MacArthur but I'm not sure if that's the right spelling, "I Shall Return". Oh, I found your Facebooq page today, but I am only rarely on there anymore, just to check my email.

    1. I do not mind if people do not read all of my blog entries as it happens I do not mind if no one reads any of it as it will progress slowly anyway, until I have written one million words then I will stop and start something new. I feel 1000,000 words is a good amount and should be enough to resolve everything.

      Facebook is the same story as here but different friends and also some family + Miss Fionski the famous Russian spy and Captain Nessman of the high seas, both of whom have had key rolls in the story in the past, And Auntie Karen and Ian the Musical Hat Maker (all real people and friends), more of the story is real than most poeple realize .

      As yet no one from the blog has become a character in the story ..... how strange I must give this some thought, I do not not have direct contact with followers of the blog (OK not quite true).

      Hope the coffee was good

  2. I'm just impressed that you have a Machete!

    1. Mankind has always explored with a Machete sadly it is the way we do things