Saturday, 25 February 2012

The last week of Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop

I have been pottering about in cyberspace and have suddenly realized that it is well past 9:00pm and I have not even thought about what I am going to write tonight, and I am eating chocolate mini-rolls and drinking tea.  As it happens this situation is not as bad as it may seem as I seldom have a clue what I will write even as I write it. I keep hearing; plan your story if you are going to write a book, but I think Nnnnaaaaaaaa I will work on the chaos theory (as discussed sometime ago) and all will be well.

Dad had to go off to the Kwik-fit man in Newtown to have his tyre pressures checked because Kwik-fit use Nitrogen not air to fill the tyres. It is a cunning plan because no one else does that, so you have to go back to them to get them checked, he also had a dipped headlight needing replacing and wiper blades.

Now all this seems rather dull and boring but there is one interesting thing here, it is surprising how many cars have headlights and side lights that don’t work at this time of year. It is not particularly cold so why is it that in January and February in the UK it is rather common to find vehicles with duff lights. The dog says it is just the fact they are on more in winter, but is that true, those Volvo’s have lights on come what may (MAY HAH HAHAHHAH HAH HAHah haha hahh aha  OK sorry) and even dad drives with lights on most of the year. That was just a small observation on the world in passing. I am not sure the nice Steven Spielberg would be interested when making the epic movie. Although Close Encounters of the Third Kind would be rubbish if the sidelights and headlights had not been working.

My rather good professional proof reader for the manuscript of the block buster movie, is still having to travel to hospital each day where her partner is very poorly. But we did get a little more news tonight.

And one week today exactly will be the last day of Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop, the stock is vanishing rather fast at present but as he says WE DON’T WANT NICE STUFF ENDING UP DOWN IN THE UNDERWORLD SPOILING MY INMATES SORRY GUESTS. He is planning to have homemade cake and wine and nibbles on the last Saturday to say farewell to all the regulars, as he thinks most of them will avoid ending up back with him later.  Then once he sorts things out he is off to talk to yet another Middle Eastern leader about their future in Hell. What is it with politic leaders of countries? Surely one day someone nice will turn up somewhere, Maybe I should consider ruling the world……. ………. ……….. ……… .Mum just said IDIOT…….. ……OK maybe I will just hide in a classic 1970’s bungalow in the hills.

Right that’s it for tonight just a quick read to see if it makes sense ………. Mum said IDIOT again now? ……… 



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  1. My father and mother used to have a bungahigh in the hills. That is a large bungalow for a large family. The hills were the Black ones of SD and it was from the late 60's and early seventies. It still eXists according to my aunt, I drove by and took 200 degree strange panoramic pictures about almost five years ago in May. Hmmm, I should probably go back again to see if it has changed much. I first put 'any' instead of 'much' but then changed my mind and my sentence.