Monday, 27 February 2012

The Kreativ Blogger Award from Miss Lily

I have been awarded an award by my one of my favourite blogs Miss Lily. It is a Kreative Blogger Award and as some one who’s blog is not really an award Blog  (that's mine)I would like to say many thanks 

As with these things there are conditions and as is with me I never abide by the rules (I think I did in the end). I am expected to link to the award giver well that’s done as I follow Miss Lily Blog already and jolly good it is too, I made Miss Lily a member of my own little Group of bloggers The RAT’s or Radical Abstract Thinkers. You can only join if I let you and I have high standards so it is rather exclusive so far. Just four Blogs and one of those is mine. Which takes us to another condition I am expected to recommend six blogs ………….. AH. Yes OK I follow a few more blogs these days but feel I can only recommend a few (I did 6 WELL COOL) that I have followed for a while and like what they have written over time. So

 This is Miss Lily Blog who has awarded the award. A member of the RAT's 

Humferry Hobbart another of my favourite Blogs and guess what. A member of the RAT's

Mr ESB the newest member of the Rat's and a mind that thinks about things a bit like me I think

 The Blog of Hootchhannah ........... This is not a strange blog so Hootchhannah is not a member of the RAT's but has kept and likes rats, but I like this blog a lot it is a good blog to follow  

I also like this but then I have an interest in Art 

And I really like this but then it is my other blog so HAH HAHHAHA HAHH HAH HAHH HAH HAHah aha hah hhah hah ha ha h

There are a couple of others But as I am new to following them I will leave it at that I have just one request of you all ................. no more awards as I hate speeches. talking of which (not the magazine or spell maker)

I am also expected to reveal information about me MMmmmmmmm as you know I am the eccentric child of cyberspace. But am I also a grumpy old Ghost Writer who sailed the seven seas as a Robot Submarine Pilot and is a partner in a well known shop fronted by a bloke with small pointy horns on his head and a like for heat(not the magazine but the temperature)............. AM I ............. No or AM I .............?

I do make Cardboard Robots too and am a member of the Monty Cardboard Robot Club OK the only member right now, which reminds me I really do have to make a cardboard robot model of an athlete reading poetry for an exhibition on in June with some high fliers …… YICKS. I play djembe and as it happens am rather good OK very good OK absolutely B************ Brilliant and modest by the way so WOW must be good then.

I really can’t spell or type or proof read and would love to publish my diary in real book format (it would compliment the album then?) and did you know the Ghost Writer worked in a research laboratory making  strange electronic stuff when he was not old and grumpy.

I am also very scruffy and forget stuff like ……………………………………… ????? Its important stuff too so best not forgotten. I know is important because I wrote don’t forget the important stuff although I can’t find the note to remind me not to forget. The note reminded me too even though I can’t remember where it is, so job half done.

oooo yes I own a White Falcon (not the bird)

OK that’s that ………. Many thanks Miss Lily for the extra work and time and effort I have had to spend doing all this (only kidding) Keep up the good work on that blog of yours .....DAM look at the time now tea and chocolate needed


Job Done


  1. Hahahaha! (ow my head hurts) I'm gonna have to try and find an award for the 'most creative speech ever.' Wonderful stuff Rob Z. There is certainly no one else, quite like you, out in Cyberspace, so well deserved. :)

  2. You are too kind.

    You are two kind.

    [Can you hear a difference?]

  3. Wowzers! sorry for the late comment on this - been away doing stupid real life things... but muchos grassy ass! (im not good with accents)
    must dash, it seems that i have 10000000000 blogs to read up on.

    keep up the very good work.

    1. You are more than welcome Mr H I am following more blogs too these days so I quite understand. See you soon and don't forget to post a few things yourself they are always good to read.