Sunday, 5 February 2012

The International Olympian and the footprints in the snow of a large multi limbed herringbone beast

Sometimes I forget things and the other day I forgot to mention that I have been asked to make a cardboard robot model of an International Olympian as part of an exhibition to do with the Olympics. Not the trendy  modern Olympics but the ones before that when they did art and poetry, music and needle craft, bell ringing and things like tortoise obedience skills. So I have until the beginning of June I think? to have it finished.

I thought I might make a lean mean muscular super fit robot poet capable of breaking the 4minute read, leaping over tall bookcases in a single bound (volume of the complete works of Wordsworth or was it Woolworth). Faster than a speeding train of thought and more powerful than something else.  Well that’s what I think I might do, but I am fickle and may change my mind, Still I never thought I would be part of the Olympics, I have asked mum if it means I need to take drugs but she said IDIOT, and hit me with the armadillo toaster. I will inform you all of progress as and when I progress.

I have taken a photograph with the sturdy and faithful Box Brownie (not the one with mushrooms in), I will say it is not easy to get photos uploaded off an old Box Brownie, it took ages to find the USB port. 

Sorry I was distracted, the photo is of strange footprints in the snow this morning of what appears to a large multi limbed herringbone beast. Which I am reliably told by the dog is a nocturnal water dwelling herbivore called Midgarðsormr that can be easily disorientated by snow and ice as it sort of thinks it is scurrying about on the foreshore. According to the dog there is one in our pond, but having said that mum has called the dog an IDIOT and we all know what that means.

The strange white thing that I think will be a Strange Alien Mushroom Creature from the Planet Venus is a bit bigger today, well OK not that big or I would point the BOX Brownie at it and shout CHEESE. Why cheese ? I don’t think it is possible to smile while eating cheese is it, I tried it once and took a picture of myself and is was not nice I looked like a mad rat

We have just found a dead shrew but the cats have pointed at one another and said HE DID IT, they did the same this morning with a Blackbird although the dog recons it was the Midgarðsormr thing from the pond  



  1. I think i must be the only person in the UK who hasn't seen any snow this weekend (apart from blind people and the really ignorant, oh and Mrs H ofcorse). hopefully this Midgarðsormr wont find its way up to the campsite, herbivore or not! not unless its got its own tent.

  2. Strangely if I travel less than one mile west the snow vanishes (OK most has gone here now too). I think we were on the snow line between east and west, the cold front and the warm front, good and evil, the future and the past, it was like standing on the edge of the world. OK I admit it that last bit was a slight exaggeration, not quite the edge of the world maybe the edge of the lawn. But as they say the grass is always greener where the snow has not fallen.

  3. I don't believe the cats are lying. They both did it two-gether. Its just that cats do not naturally have the word 'we' in the vocabulary. And that eXplains why when you ask a cat "What direction is that?" while pointing west they reply "st" and their favorite type of movie is a "stern with John Wayne".

    1. I believe ever word of that and am now off to bed before today becomes tomorrow and that is going to happen very soon I hate going to bed tomorrow because that is the day I should be getting up. At least if I make it into the bed before tomorrow I can think to my self I came to bed yesterday and can stay here for ages yet as the day is almost a whole day long.

    2. I left you a lullaby in English and Welsh in a comment on my blog, I think it was about a day ago or so, to assist you in gaining the sleep state. Google Translate didn't find the Welsh word for 'twinkle', though, unless twinkle is twinkle, but I doubt it veRy non-seriously. We are busy not watching the Super Bowl. We are having a romantic weekend that involves Transformer movies, one down and trying to find the second one.

    3. OK I just zapped my comment I will retry HO HUM

      Firstly I was saying that I thought it was not possible to have a romantic weekend involving transformer movies and that having asked mum, she has made the comment IDIOT. She said IDIOT again when I managed to zap the entire comment. I also explained you are a mad scientist so she said in that case its OK, after all we cant call our blog guests IDIOTS or there would be no one following me.

      I then when on to explain that due to stuff on either side of cyberspace (lots to do no time to do it)I missed the lullaby and that it had passedmeby (ha ha ha hah ah hah ah hahh hah hah hahh)

      Then I was explaining other stuff but I have forgotten, although I did comment that I am exhibiting with posh established artists in this Olympic exhibition so that is more work as I need to do posh Arty stuff to sort of blow their minds a bit. Art should do that if it can.......

    4. I tried to paste the lullaby into the comment form, but my iPad is iSad and will not perform this function.

      I rarely have anyone call me idiot and I have been around several certified and non-certified idiots so I am fairly comnfident that while I may have a few mental dents I know that I am not an idiot so the mere act of calling me an idiot has little to no effect on me similar to how calling me a fish, for eXample, has no effect on me because I am fairly sure I am not a fish, even though I have been to several schools and I know that fish swim in schools.

      The wife even asked for the 2rd and 3rd Transf movie after seeing the first and I asked her what we were going to do special for the weekend. Strangely enough our weekend is Sunday and Monday, which complicates things even more, but usually only for lesser minds.

      Right now I am on a quest for a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, as breakfast of veggies and cheese is gone gone and I have defeated the Sudoku beast. Argggh.

    5. Did you know that a grilled chicken sandwich can transform into a gilled chicken sandfish.

    6. So the fish would come from Bay Con?

    7. I have read about that in my History lesson at school, that's near the Bay of Pigs