Saturday, 18 February 2012

Elvis is Everywhere even the International Space Station

Our neighbour popped round to see mum at one point today with a small piece of paper, but only I was in. So instead of saying something like the lighthouse is glowing in the corn field, I will drive the combine harvester to the market on Friday which is what all these spy people say to one another. She said Hello Rob I thought you might like this. A cunning deception to distract me from the suspicion she is a spy.

Now you might wonder why I think our neighbour is a spy. After all to the outside world she and her husband as a quiet retired couple minding their own business and doing stuff that retired folk do. But I have been told by them that they have a spy camera hidden in a bird box that can see all sorts of things and not only that can record every sound over a large area. So there you have it is not long ago I was discussing Spy Rocks and now we have Spy bird  nesting boxes. Which all ties in with recent headlines about drone bots the size of small birds than can sneak into high security secret places and do things like steal secrets. 

On the piece of paper was information and not just any information it was this

International Space Station
Rise from the West

Monday           20th     7:20pm
Tuesday          21st      6:21pm
Wednesday     22nd     7:09pm
Thursday        23rd      6:12pm
Friday             24th      6:51pm

She said if we watch the sky at these times we will see the International Space Station
going across the sky if we look towards the south. But well I think there is a cunning master plan at work. The dog says it might be Starbucks and the space station will be sending subliminal messages or pulling a huge banner saying Starbucks Coffee Make Space For It.

As I mentioned at the time of the latest Spy Rock story in my diary, the dog made a life size Rock Spy Elvis but what I have failed to mention until now it had its leg chewed off by a fox while the dog was conducting night tests on his spy Elvis. We think it might have been the sequined suit because foxes hate sequins and the shaky Elvis leg may have encouraged some sort of mating ritual that went badly wrong. Luckily we still had some old pirate wooden legs from back in the day so ……… Elvis Lives YAAAAAAAAAA. Mum just said IDIOT. 

There is only one song that can possibly be used with tonight's Diary entry


  1. Ye Olde Space Station up in the sky eh? thanks for the heads up (hardy-har!) its been quite a clear night tonight and I love just gorping at the sky with all the stars and whatnots. cant play the video tonight cos Mrs H is watching tele next to me, but i will come back later and have a peep at it then.

    1. I was told by someone that they saw the space station at 6:00 tonight but I have assured them it probably not the International Space Station but a battle cruise from Venus out for revenge after we ate their offspring (The Mushrooms). Sadly my reassurance did not have the desired effect and dad is trying to talk them out of their ACME Flat Pack Alien Defence Shelter.

      Keep watching the skies Mr H.

    2. That's Cruiser not cruise. That sounds like at trip round the med which would change the entire plot .......dam these qwerty keyboards again.

  2. You've got it wrong. Squirrels hate sequins, not foxes. And you are right to suspect your neighbours, spies never look like Jason bloody Bourne, otherwise everyone would know they were spies. It's always the ones you least expect.

    1. I have to thank you for helping create tonight's diary entry (that's at time of writing which it tomorrow as far as this diary entry goes) I hope that makes sense ...... sort of?

  3. I drove a combine harvester during the summer for a few years of my life two thirds of my life ago. I don't recall ever seeing any spies, Elvis, sequined foxes, although I did have an eight track player and a Fleetwod Mac album, their one good one. Sometimes there was air conditioning, and sometimes bad dreams involving ceramic turtles, Elton H. John, and bad words yelled loudly in my sleep at unresponsive equipment in my dreams, waking my parents.

    1. Driving a combine harvester WELL COOL ..... Ceramic turtles and Elton John .... YICKS

    2. I even helped solve a performance problem on one of the combine's diesel engines one day. They had a fuel filter that had a clear plastic cover, and I noticed some air bubbles in the filter. Turned out that the manifold that it fastened onto had a crack and was letting in some air.