Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Dell Gazelle and a paradox of metrological boredom

It was a very grey day today, classic winter weather in the UK, the epitome of non weather, truly uninteresting in fact so truly uninteresting that it was in fact interestingly uninteresting making today a paradox of metrological boredom. I do have to add to that, that I was at one point in the day out of view of the day, deep within the bowels of the schools classrooms. We are obliged to do our Nuclear Science lesson in a reinforced concrete bunker in the cellar with Professor Frank Isfine who now glows in the dark after a long career of mishaps (sorry teaching).

The Ghost Writer said he had to deal with the curse of the return to Brecon and a grey office as well as a long trip on the grey roads. But is fairly chirpy because he found his elusive trogon horse, as it turned out he found a little herd of virus’s hiding in an unsuspecting Dell computer. Apparently according to the Ghost Writer computer virus are like this they reflect nature once one has got its teeth into its host, others see the weakness and the next think you know the Dell Gazelle has been brought to its knees and is being picked clean by a gaggle of nasty critters with pointy teeth. Its like in that movie when Bambi gets eaten by the terrordactyls and everyone goes AAAAAAAAAAAA I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT.  As the Ghost Writer says at times both Nature and Computing are Bastards. I must go now I have things to do and a cat is looking at me and wagging its tail.  

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