Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The capitalist pig and the eco warrior and a Ukulele Banjo and the Saxophone

Pancake Tuesday was the 8th March last year so this year it is a bit earlier. And it is always worth having a little look back in time to see what happened. Well as you might expect me and the dog ate lots of pancakes but Pirate Pete stuck to his Ships biscuits with the weevils in. When I say stuck I am not referring to glued to his biscuit, none of us like to be glued to a biscuit full of weevils. And Auntie Karen tried to burn down the school although as she said at the time it was lovely and sunny so no one minded too much.

I refer back to these events because this year it is sort of grey and the International Space Station (nudge nudge wink wink) is low flying over head every night, although tonight it was not possible to see it due to low cloud. But we have eaten loads of pancakes, well most of us have as Sooty the Cat wanted Squirrel pancakes and we were all out of Squirrel as the local ones have sussed the cats, and so far have escaped capture (just).

I don’t think Auntie Karen has set fire to anything this year and is giving up the world of knowledge to concentrate on playing the Ukulele Banjo and the Saxophone and perfecting the art of juggling both at the same time while playing that old favourite of my blog and the squirrels Tip Toe Through The Tulips. Auntie Karen has told us she plans to pursue a new career as one of the idol rich, although mum says there is one small error in Auntie Karen’s plan. I tried to ask what this error was but mum said IDIOT ……….. that’s NOT FAIR.

Talking of NOT FAIR the Ghost Writer has said this several times today as he has to go to Brecon tomorrow to look at the Trogon Horse in cyberspace, which he says is the wrong side of the firewall. Well that is Trogon horses for you. As the old saying goes “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and so on”. That’s the thing with horses you can’t trust them I am sure it was that horse that ruined my opportunity of making the blockbuster movie with the nice Steven Spielberg. He kept whispering in Mr Spielberg’s ear HAY HAY OVER HERE and then the next thing you know the bloody horse is a celeb.     

School is ticking along as school should, but I did get to pick the lock to the headmasters office as he had left his keys at home and was trying to kick the door down. I then had to pick the lock to the exam filing cabinet and the school safe. Esmeralda was well impressed and wants me to show her how to do stuff like that, but after the incident with the history teacher’s car when I showed Esmeralda how to hot wire one of those new Jaguars I think it might be best if I don’t.

I am sure something else happened today but I can’t remember.

Oooo yes dad has got his solar panels forms in the post now to beat the 3rd March deadline. Mum has called him a capitalist pig but dad says he’s an ECO warrior


  1. Argh! You have determined my suppa' plans from afar, I must have blueberry pancakes tonight, and also eggs and sausage, mmmm, I was almost outta cheese anyway, so I was needing to go for cheese reasons, or as they say in parts of Zealand of New, "cheesons". No I suddenly realized you might have thought I used cheese on pancakes, um, no, I just realized I need cheese, cheddar, block form. Sorry for any pancake confusion. Now, back to reading your words ...

    1. Fill your pancakes with a nice homemade tomato sauce using a tin of chopped tomato's, a little tomato puree, finely chopped and fried onion, maybe a bit of chilli and then add add some say fried chicken or duck and even a little bacon to the mix

      fill up the pancakes with the filling nicely wrapped, don't worry too much if it ends are open. Cover the rolled pancakes (in a suitable dish of course) in a good strong Cheddar cheese and melt the cheese in the oven. And eat

      See Pancakes and Cheese no problem

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      HAH HAHAHAH hahah ahh hah aahh ha hahhh ah ahahahah ahahh hahaha hahahaha hah hahah

      I just thought it amusing to comment on you comment that is not a comment

  2. I realized that your father could start a new club-organization-gang. If you change the word from Pig to Hog, then combine both the mother and the father sayings: Capitalist Hog Eco Warrior, or CHEW. Then he can tell everyone he CHEW's solar energy.

    1. I will deal with this in greater detail at some point but a Capitalist Hog Eco Warrior is right indeed. So CHEW's solar energy sounds WELL COOL.