Thursday, 7 July 2011

The school trip to Brecon and the last Pick & Mix in Woolworth's

We went on a school trip to Brecon today on the school bus. It was a bit odd because it was just the pupils, plus Mrs Jones who likes to catch the bus into town in the morning (sometimes) to do a bit off shopping. Brecon is about an hour and three-quarters away or something like that it is difficult to tell because there are very few places to overtake so it you are behind a truck pulling a lion in a cage then it takes ages.

Once we arrived in Brecon I thought I would look for some jazz because the only thing I know about Brecon is it has the Brecon Jazz Festival. Mrs Jones was well pleased she said she has never been shopping in Brecon before so she was going off to potter about and look for bargains. She is almost one hundred and sixty two now and knows a bargain when she sees it. According to dad she is the best shop lifter in Wales and Nelson Beelzebub said she has loads of loyalty points but she is such a nice old lady he hasn’t got the heart to foreclose on her contract.

Everyone wandered about and it was all very peaceful until loads of police turned up apparently chasing a shop lifting master criminal who they had cornered in Woolworths. No one has told them in Brecon yet that the Woolworths chain has gone bust; I guess Brecon is rather out of the way.  We watched the stand off for a couple of hours but then the bus driver said it was time to go back to Montgomery and we were waiting for Mrs Jones. Me and the bus driver let the Lion out of the back of the cage as by then the truck had finally arrived in town and in the ensuing mayhem Mrs Jones made her escape and we were able to start our trip home.

Mrs Jones was very thankful for our assistance and gave me a bag of Pick & Mix from Woolworths to eat but they were a bit musty I think they were past their sell by date. I asked the bus driver why we went to Brecon but he said he was a bit bored and fancied a change, and as long as we all told everyone including our parents we were abducted by aliens (again) it would be fine. I told mum and dad but they said the bus driver went to Brecon again didn’t he, they recognized the bag of Pick & Mix

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