Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A quantifiable equation for Dark Matter, a scrabble board and three pigeons

We have been doing free fall Mathematics using the letters from a scrabble board and six dice. It is not an easy thing to do but fundamentally we drop a series of letters and dice from exactly 72.3 centimetres and create an algebraic equation which the teacher says is crafted by the elements of gravity and the centrifugal forces as the earth spins.

We did this six times and by creating six equations from the randomly selected numbers and letters and making each equation equal in value to each of the others it is possible to find the value of mean deviation. A quantifiable equation that according to the maths teacher represents the unseen matter in the universe or as its known Dark Matter.

What the teacher or me for that matter had not thought about was because I had to use the Einstein Cube to get to school this morning because I was a bit late and missed the bus it was rather close to the scrabble board letters and the dice when they were dropped. The resulting equations meant that the teacher was convinced he was going to win the Nobel Prize for mathematics because he thought he had discovered the precise mass and position of Dark Matter.  So he said he had one final randomly generated algebraic equation to do using the scrabble board, a watch and three wood pigeons and a PC before we went off to our next lesson. Just as the last dice stopped spinning and landed on three there was a big flash and the whole class jumped in time to 7:30pm so we all missed the bus again but we didn’t mind as we also missed French and we are all rubbish at that.

The dog said it happened because of the Einstein Cube interacting with a gravitationally generated random number within its force field and its best not to take it to maths lessons. The Maths teacher was leaping about shouting Eureka when we left school and was jumping into the bath in the gymnasium saying he is a genius; but mum said he’s an IDIOT and will now spend the rest of his life feeding scrabble letters to pigeons in his spare time and its all my fault … ….. …. NOT FAIR

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