Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween Poetry Part One . . . . . .

Yes it is not long until Halloween and so I feel it is time to write some Halloween Poetry, which the ordinary chap in the street such as myself can relate too, and go AH YES that makes the point very well indeed that is exactly what I was thinking. Anyway here is my first proper Halloween Poem of 2015 and I can say with some certainty it is exactly what I was thinking which must be a good sign.


Halloween and there is a gentle knocking on my door

Small children in black bin liners I spy there

So I might give them a small surprise

And leap at them dressed

As a Vampire Grizzly Bear

And steal their sweets and growl at them.

And maybe howl loudly at the moon

I suspect they might then all runaway

With no plans to come back soon

Then I might scratch at my neighbour’s windows

Snarl and show my pointy teeth

And chase his cat up a tree

As he watches in puzzlement and fearful disbelief

And if he calls the police (as he did last year) I’ll then chase them too

And shout Trick or Treat or maybe even threaten demonic death . . . . .

But then I guess they will in the end finally catch me

Once I totally run out of Breath

And take me off to jail . . .  (Again)

And give me chocolate coins and some ice cold BEER

Letting me out the following morning

With a caution and warning me

Not to do it again


But I will

HAHH AHHA hah ah a ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haah hhahahahhaahhhahahh ha hahahaha hahahahahahah aha hah ha 


  1. I think that's more harassment then Halloween mayhem Mr Z.

    1. You are not the first to say this about my poetry Miss Lily. . . . AH No Hang on you are not talking about the Poetry.

      I am expecting a Russian Trick or Treat visitor this year so I may have to learn Russian.

  2. Although I am sat here suffering
    from a chesty, throaty cough.
    If kids come round my way trick and treating
    Ill simply tell them to b***er off!

    1. I usually do this, although since moving into some serious country the only visitors we get are a few real Zombies and Vampires.

  3. Such artistry with words. You're a regular Edgar Allen Poo.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Poo is ironically rather close to the point today Mr B as the village hall is have sewage issues and guess who has volunteered to have a look and try and sort it. In the world of Scary things this is one high on the list and involves much poking with pointy sticks from a safe distance. I have asked for extra hands to assist but this was met with screaming and folk running away at speed.

  4. Hey Mr. Rob,

    Remind me not to come knocking on your door! Trick or treat and yikes!


    1. Well Mr G I must admit I am more Grizzly than Bare, neither of which is ideal. . . .