Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Poetry for Red Indian Spirit Guides that can not type (A first me thinks)

O yes Chickens
May like to cross the Road
for reasons I have not been told
But they are better at it than Pheasants are
Who tend to get Squashed
By the passing car

As for Ducks
They may go Quack
But Social Skills
They truly Lack

As I have often found out at my own personal cost

OK if you are wondering the reason for tonight's post, it is lack of time. And it only takes the blink of an eye to create such poetry so I have blinked my eye and this is what happened. Why chickens, why pheasants and why ducks I really dont know. In fact I sometimes put all this down to that friendly old Red Indian Guide I have mentioned in the past who is very good, but rubbish at typing. So between him and my hands which are also rubbish at typing and my brain which is sort of rubbish, and getting worse by the day it is a wonder we create anything.  

Anyway as I said time is limited and it is therefore time to depart to my bed and sleep. . . Or as my trusty Red Indian Spirit would say . . . White man speak with forked tongue Kemosabe . . . Actually I think he means . . . All men speak with forked tongue. . . . He is a wise old Red Indian Guide and thats for sure even if he cant type.


  1. I'm still nonplussed at how anyone can speak with a piece of cutlery jutting out of their mouths.

    1. I think Miss Lily this is why us men are all misunderstood.