Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Poetry for Vikings

Great Great Great Great Granny
Was a Viking
And so was Granddad Joe
And Uncle (Blood Axe) Quinton
Who would wave his Axe at folk
Out in the wild winter snow
And Mad Billy Broadsword
And Strange Little Auntie Swen
Who would do her Viking war dance?
At any passing men
And Nanny Blodwyn Ice-Pick
And Wild Willy Fiord
And Boris the Nod
Who was a bit odd
And his wife Granny Ken  
And so was Auntie Nelly
And Great Granddad Ben
And Milly the Mad
And Jim the Bad
And his sheep which he kept in a Pen
Which is Why?
Rather reassuringly  
They have all said . . . (with much confidence and nodding)
As a Viking
I have large majestic horns

Growing out of the top of my Head.

Still it means I'm popular at Halloween

Ooooo I just thought of this and rather liked it. Well that's the way brains work. . . Odd little things that they are

The Minister of Sinister
Goes out at #Halloween
And waves things at passing Folk
Such as a Mummified Octopus
And a Rat made from Plasticine.


  1. I had an, "Its not over until the fat lady sings loudly while wearing a Viking helmet in an opera", moment in my mind just now.

    1. Like in the Marx brothers. . . . I can see that in my mind, and it would make a very interesting Trick or Treat visit for Halloween.