Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Part Three of Hogwarts v Jurassic World. The JABBERWOCKYSARUS eats an ice cream van

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Professor Franklin F F Frankenzompire having run out of ammunition and discovering that the JABBERWOCKYSARUS is one of those rare spell immune beasts, heads quickly back to his main office. But as he enters the phone rings and a young girl at Customer Services is panicking.

You need to come to customer services quick Professor Frankenzompire the puplic are here on mass demanding refunds.

A REFUND says the Professor we never give refunds….

They are getting very restless and are complaining there are ferocious dinosaurs running loose all over the place.

I’ll be there straight away says the Professor reloading his large scary machine gun. No one gets a refund here he thinks to himself and I am not starting now, we will see what they think after I have fed a few of them to the Plesiosaurus.

Back near the monorail stop Alice, the White Rabbit, Young Higgs and Harrison Ford-Cortina emerge from behind a large wall and decide to head towards the main performance pool for the aquatic dinosaur exhibits. However as they head down the central walkway the   JABBERWOCKYSARUS appears chewing a large bus, but on seeing the small group it drops the bus and slowly walks towards them.

It’s a smelly beast says Higgs

Indeed it is . . . .  and rather big replies Alice.

Is the White Rabbit going to fight it and save us then, it usually does.



But as the JABBERWOCKYSARUS gets to within a few feet of them Harrison Ford- Cortina  suddenly leaps forward (remember he is rather Tyrannosaurus Rex looking now) and starts talking to the beast (I say talking it is in fact growling) and pointing a lot. Then the JABBERWOCKYSARUS shrugs it’s shoulders and starts wandering off towards the main exit of the Jurassic World complex eating a small ice cream van on the way

WHAT ?????? WHAT DID YOU SAY says Young Higgs to Harrison Ford- Cortina. 

Harrison Ford- Cortina has a little look to haven and then repeats his growls and pointing.

AH Right says Higgs still none the wiser and slightly confused.

Our Small, brave, intrepid and possibly foolhardy band of heroes then continue their journey towards the main performance pool for the aquatic dinosaur exhibits where the White Rabbit apparently says he has a cunning plan. Well when I say he says, as we know the White Rabbit says very little but he indicates strongly in a way that is clear to the others that he has a very cunning plan indeed.

To Be Continued

What is this cunning plan I hear you ask. . . . well as I make these stories up as I write then and I don’t have a clue how they are going to end I may have put myself in a difficult position because I don’t know what the cunning plan is either so AH DAMN. . . . 

Link to Part Four 


  1. WHAT!!!!
    You go around saying you on't know what's coming next!
    This is a well cool story. (I've all three parts in one go.)

    Honestly, this has got me going and i need to know what happens next.

    Yes you may have got yourself in a tight corner, but that is the curse of the author. I am looking forward to the next part (as long as it doesn't end like LOST! that still upsets me) - ooooh I am excited for this!

    1. I truly do not have a clue where each part of these stories will end up so I can't even think about the next bit until I have written something for it to follow on from.

      My draw back at present is I have been at work a bit and our friendly builder is now working on the house, we have knocked down a wall and have a multi fuel stove and new stainless steel flue being fitted on friday. The Electrician needs to do stuff and then we will be stopping until after Christmas in a sort of half done limbo state.

  2. This episode reminds me of a recent trip to a restaurant where there was a lot of ranting and veRy little resting. I was mainly observing. I am not sure if there was much Au involved, that being gold symbolicaLLy. I must resume mopping now, bye.

    1. Ice cream? All this time I thought that dinosaurs were lack toes and taller ants. I have heard that dinosaurs disappeared a long time ago, maybe more than 20 years ago.

    2. I dont like ranting in restaurants much and see them as a place of peace . . . .A large piece of Dinosaur with chips (French Fries your side of the Atlantic) fried onions and roasted carrots.

      Maybe Mr Steven Spielberg's many dinosaur films are a result of his fondness for the taller ant or his lack of toes.

  3. Hi Rob,

    No, you are not imagining this. I'm actually commenting. I'm liking the way your surreal mind works. This worries me! :) Mr. Spielberg needs you for a sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


    1. You have had a lot going on Mr G so no problems with not commenting.

      Mr Spielberg is more than welcome to purchase all the ideas from my humble mind for a small sum. I am not extravagant so say £184.32p seems like a good starting point to negotiate from.