Saturday, 15 November 2014

Part One of Harry Potter and the Dark Clouds of Doom . . . .

Hogwarts finally appears to have settled down and the headmaster Mr Harry Potter can finally relax and enjoy some of the advantages of bringing up a family in the world of wizards, unaware of the Dark Clouds of Doom far on the horizon.

Dad. . . .

Yes Lily Luna

Why is that man writing about us again, that Mr Rob Z Tobor

I don’t know, I really DON'T know.

Well I DON'T see the point he CAN'T publish any of it and if that nice Miss J K Rowling finds out he is doing it she will sue him and make him destitute and he will have to live on the streets cold and starving. . . .

I don’t think Miss Rowling would do that she is not that sort of person and he is from Scotland

Anyway what does he mean Dark Clouds of Doom far on the horizon?

I’m sure he is just rambling; just ignore him he will go away eventually

Yes but he brought me back to life

But he was meant to do it with lightning and you were meant to have a big bolt through your neck holding your head on, so you went aaaaaaaaaagggggg a lot.

Well that would not have been nice so I am just me.

Its not far I wanted a Frankenstein’s monster dad. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daaaadddd the cat is flying round the kitchen light

Oh have you been casting spells on the cat again I said not to do it

It’s not my fault the dog flew away . . .  so I had to practice on the cat.

WHAT? . . . .  where is the dog.

Its not fair I want an eagle.  Why CAN'T I have an eagle? I am going to Scream and Scream and scream and scream until I get an eagle.

Outside in the central courtyard Harry’s two sons can hear loud screaming

O No it’s Lily luna again she is on about that bloody eagle again says Albus

I think we should go and find her one I am getting well stressed with all that screaming. Maybe once she has been pecked to bits she will realise what a stupid idea it is.

With that they head of into the Magic Forest where just by luck they stumble across a large eagles nest.

Well that’s a stroke of luck says Albus and look its got a chick in it we could take that back Dad and Lily Luna will be dead pleased. 

As they return home and enter Harry’s office, Harry looks up and says Bloody  ******* . . . . . . . .What the ********* are you doing with that******* it’s a baby Eagle

An Eagle, an eagle, an eagle, an eagle . . . . I love eagles says Lily Luna.

But it is a baby  giant Zombie Eagle look at the size of it . . .  it must be four feet tall. says Harry

We thought it was a bit big says James Sirius Potter.

Big Big . . .  its Huge do you know how big its parents are . . . .

I Love Eagles says Lily Luna . . . . . . .

with that a unearthly sound fills the sky above Hogwarts as the shadow of a huge flying  beast covers the ground

Do you think this might be one of those Dark Clouds of Doom DADDY says Lily Luna



  1. Ooh, Lily Luna, I might plagiarize that title for myself.

    Methinks that like Mr H and roundabouts, you're becoming slightly obsessed with Mr Potter. Time to stage another intervention...

    1. I like to stick with a theme for a bit and Harry and his mates are great material for a good story. It is a wonder that J K Rowling has not written loads more. As for Lily Luna you could go for the full Lily Luna Lander.