Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Godzilla meets Where's Wally in Harry Potter and the Dark Clouds of Doom (Part Three).

Link to Part TWO

Thanks Hagrid for ridding me of those terrible Wicker men says Harry Potter as he extracts himself from under his desk.

Well it is amazing what a gallon of petrol and a few matches will do and those Wicker men do burn rather well

It is probably best if we don’t tell Miss Lily Luna about it. she will only get all upset and start screaming a lot and we don’t want that do we.

With that Lily Luna runs into the office shouting Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally.

We don’t know what happened to him says Harry. He vanished when the large Wicker man strangely went on fire . . . . James Sirius Potter had followed Lily Lunu into the office and looking slightly puzzled says Well Hagrid had him, we saw him scurrying off with Wally and a can of petrol towards the woods.

Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally . . . Where’s Wally says Lily luna looking at Hagrid and adding and you know that your eyes go red when you lie to me and they look a bit pink already

AH says Hagrid Harry made me do it he made me set him on fire and I flushed his ashes down the toilet. . . . .

Which that Lily Luna Screams and Screams and demands a new pet straight away insisting that she is going to call it Wally after Wally the Wicker Man.

Hagrid says I will take you to the Forrest right now Miss Lily Luna How about a reptile they can be fun you could keep it in a big glass tank and watch it eat stuff….

OK but I get to choose which one I want says Lily Luna.

After several hours Hagrid and Lil Luna return to Hogwarts with a new Pet, Lily luna looking very pleased as they arrive back in Harry’s office.

Have you got a new pet then Lily Lunu


That is good and what kind of Reptile is it Hagrid

AH . . . it’s a muggle one, but it’s a bit big

When you say big,I do hope you dont mean like a komodo dragon

Ah . . . no it’s a bit bigger than that

Not a huge great Python I hope

AH . . .  No it’s a bit bigger that that

O dear I can see those Dark Clouds of Doom looming again . . . what sort of Muggle Reptile is bigger that a huge great Python

AH . . .  IT’S Godzilla


AH . . . can I join you under your desk Mr Potter, I DON'T think it likes being called Wally.

 To Be Continued (maybe)

Link to Part Four (the Concluding Part)


  1. Godzilla is my favorite form of Zilla.

    I tried to see if there was a Japanese Kanji for it, but Godzilla appears to be a portmanteau from the Japanese words for gorilla and whale, so it is from the phonetic Japanese alphabet not the pictorial.

    1. That is a remarkably intelligent comment to what is a remarkably silly story . . . . . I may need to go and lie down now.

    2. Your need to lie down coincided with my read and need to lie down as weLL. I have been back mildly studying Japanese almost every day for several weeks. It's one of those things that I wiLL most likely neVer master unless I would move there. There is also the remote possibility that if I ever had brain surgery I could wake up with an ability to only understand and speak Kiswahili, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese. The chance for Arabic, German, Italian, Russian or Mandarin Chinese are probably less, depending on the injury or disease severity and location.

    3. I would wake up speaking stone-age man and pointing at light bulbs in a confused way . . .

    4. Are there already waking moments when this happens? Has any furniture or pets been harmed during these events?

  2. Hi there human, Rob,

    It seems I've been missing out on the festivities. You will know I've been trying to sort out a couple of humans. Not an easy task.

    Godzilla and no mention of Bambi. Still, from what I've deciphered from you musings is that you would like a Wally under a desk with Harry Pothead.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

    1. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar it is very good to see you settled in your new how. I hope it proves a good and happy place to be. We are all getting on these days and need a few creature comforts . . . (Not of the Godzilla type) . . . keep up the good work on that blog of yours.

      As for m slightly strange tales of late as the old saying goes. . . . . . Better Mad than Sad.