Thursday, 17 October 2013

The unseen problems of things you cant see.

I guess that some of you are wondering if I (Rob Z Tobor) am still a part-time teacher of Zombie Defence Classes  and the like, in the strange cyber-academy of cyberspace.


And you are wondering if Esmeralda is still there and whether she snapped my trusty pointy stick in half in a fit of rage.


And you might even be wondering if I fixed it with some handy electrical tape that was not really doing a lot.


And now you are wondering if the fact there was an electrical short circuit in the science blog resulting in an entire blackout in school meaning that teaching science was very difficult indeed resulting in everyone being sent home early


Have you noticed just how dependent on electricity we are, it is a bit of a worry really and also rather odd, because the entire Earth has become dependent on something we can’t see. Well that is not entirely true we do get to see lightning but the problem with lightning is it not the easiest stuff to use constructively. Dads lightning powered electric car was not a great success even if it did do one of the fastest zero to sixty miles an hour ever recorded, but it would have been even more impressive if dad had been in it at the time. As dad says the problem with lightning is it unpredictable and you can’t park the lightning powered electric car in the same place twice for reasons that are plainly clear to all who know the famous old saying. And dads assistant mechanic Scotty, after investigating the engine did make the point that the engine will nay take it Captain.

I have just been outside as I saw a message in cyberspace saying the moon was like really looking really cool; only over here it is hiding behind a huge cloud, possibly created by an overheated lightning powered electric car.

We also got to see Mr M today and his son Mr S, it appears Mr M is still trapped between hospital and no place to go…. He thinks the hospital might write to him in hospital to ask when he is able to leave hospital; although he is still not allowed home so it is all a bit of a game sorting out something suitable. As for as we can tell most of the suitable places have already been taken over by little old ladies with white hair who have a habit of stopping strangers in the street and shouting at them I remember when we never had electricity and now you see it everywhere. I once tried to explain to a group of little old ladies you can’t see electricity but they hit me with umbrellas and then demanded electrical tape to fix them. 


  1. I just wondered if it wood be possible to fix would-en broken objects with a multilamineer approach of duct tape, teflon tape, electrical tape, and magnetic recording (audio) tape. "Hello dorkness my old fiend, I half come to stalk width you a gain ...

    1. I find that electrical medium and electrical long circuits are more useful than electrical short circuits of the kind that most people think of when talking of short circuits as improper OOPS! events. But then I thought about circuits in microprocessors, and thought, those are are veRy veRy short, nano and pico and femto short. That would have been good names for ships to discover America: the Nano, the Pico, and the Femto Maria.

    2. They are good names for ships Mr ESB. And would make good tape too

      One could fix many things with Pico-tape as long as they were not long.