Monday, 28 October 2013

The Great Storm of 2013 and a leaking sun roof

As many of you will know there was a terrible storm due in Britain last night and this morning and for many there was, but as it happens it did not get very far northwards. Here in the borders between England and Wales in Shropshire it was very calm indeed and inspection of the garden first thing this morning revealed that the car sun roof had leaked slightly. In fact the weather was calmer here during the storm than it was the few days before it. I will say that although it was bad along the south coast of England and four people have died the BBC news keep talking like it was the entire country and the reality is it was not and that up in Scotland the wind reaches the same sort of levels most winters and wind speeds of 70 to 80 miles an hours are not abnormal in the far north and would never make the news. Maybe the BBC News folk are all excited because it has happened on their doorstep so to speak in London. I sort of thought they were getting a bit stretched for new stories when they showed a film of a fallen tree that nearly hit a car which would have injured the driver had the tree hit the car.

Anyway the storm did manage to stop trains and has turned the power off to a load of folk down south but not up north.  Those of us that live north of the Watford Gap have long considered life up north is much better that life down south, so I think many will feel that has been reinforced a little in the last twenty four hours.

I also moved a Shrub today and poked at a hole with a pointy stick and have been drumming tonight which is why I am in a rush and running a bit late. As it happens I have worrying news about tomorrow as I am off to see the dentist, who apparently still has power although he might lose it due to unexpected gust of wind blowing a pointy stick into his fuse box, that’s the buildings fuse box not his personally I don’t trust android dentists one bit.  

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  1. This is probably the only time being a Northener has been of benefit.