Friday, 28 December 2012

The Life of Pi, Tigers, Hyenas, Zebra and Pies

The rain continues here and apparently England has officially had the wettest year on record although the UK as a whole still has four and a half centimetres to go to beat the UK record. Thats roughly 2 inches if you are in America, although it is worth remembering American inches are slightly smaller than British inches. I sometimes wonder when they measure out the New York Marathon if they use British miles or American miles. OK I will return to this subject some other time as it’s complicated.

Where I was heading in all this is that Miss Fionaski is off to see a movie called ‘Life of pi’ where a boy, a tiger, a hyena and a zebra end up on a boat, well a lifeboat in rather a lot of water (OK the sea). It just goes to show the interesting parallels of life as we are surrounded by flooding and only yesterday I ate Harry Potters Owl and attached the cats to a remote control helicopter skimming them over the surface of large puddles in a re-enactment of Apocalypse Now. And of course the old story of the Owl and the Pussy Cat is famous, as they sailed across the sea living on Zebra sandwiches sold to them by a boy with a pet hyena under a Bong Tree listening to tiger rag on their I Pod. As the Ghost Writer said to me today there is nothing new under the sun,   he is right about that as I plan to eat a few Yoghurt Coated Brazil Nuts tonight and point at things in an interesting way, in particular my evening meal which is homemade  Hyena Pie….YUM.

I have just returned from eating my homemade pie and all I can say is the life of the pi was rather a short one, and as mum is a vegetarian, her pie was a beautiful pea green pie wrapped up in a five pound note (OK I made that up).

You will have noticed that the Ghost Writer was about today and that was because he had to head off to sort out a printer on a 64x BIT Windows 7 PC only the printer was just a bit too old and despite looking at tricks on the internet he failed.  That is not meant to happen to the Ghost Writer and he thinks he might have lost his touch and is getting too old to be an IT man, to reassure him we have all nodded and agreed with him and told him he is well past it.  He did manage one success however, and managed to link someone’s android tablet thing to the internet; although both him and me thought an Android was a large mechanical monster that went AAAAuuuuuuuugggghhhHHHHH a lot and threw Zebra and Tigers over tall buildings. Apparently they are not any longer; they are just a small flat thing with no buttons that you can read my diary on . . . . . . SO COOL. Anyway while I was distracted by all that Miss Issy came and opened all her Christmas presents, so Happy Christmas Miss Issy I will see you soooooooon.



  1. Some one once told me there is reaLLy only one ocean. (One of the cool things about that sentence is how many 'one'S appear, and parts of one (on), scattered ones (ocean=o_e_n, once=on_e) and one wanna-be's (Some -> So r + n e) I am tired, pain, I sleep now. Later allirgator.

    1. It makes sense that there is only one ocean because they are all sort of connected together by water. Maybe it could be called the One Ocean.

      I hope you are OK Mr ESB as tired, pain, sleep and Alligators does not sound the idea way to end a year. Here in the UK we plan to end the year with more rain, plus a bit more rain, followed by rain.