Monday, 9 May 2011

Thunder lightning and Frankenstein’s Burglar

Some thunder earlier I love thunder. I really like all the long low rumbling sounds of thunder as apposed to the sharp snapping thunder when the lighting flash is in the same street.  Dad loves the lightning he has a big metal aerial on his workshop which has a hydraulic extension so it will go even higher when there are storms.

Inside he likes to make lightning machines but they have a habit of exploding when the aerial gets struck by lightning mum says he just likes all the big flashes and none of the machines have ever had any practical use. Except on this occasion when a burglar was climbing the aerial to try and pinch the big copper ball from the top, it is not advisable to climb lightning conductors in an electrical storm as the burglar found out when he fell through the roof of dad’s workshop, smouldering and burning a bit. Dad thought he had recreated Frankenstein’s Monster and was really excited until he found out it was a burglar.  He found that out as he was drilling the hole to put the bolt through the monsters neck to give it a nice authentic feel and knew something was wrong when the monster kept shouting I’m Brian….. I’m Brian the Burglar I give up. Dad said He was not going to have a monster called Brian so handed him over to the police.  But dad at least did catch a burglar so it is the first practical thing he has done with lighting in ages.

 As for me it was fairly uneventful although my school friends did tell me off for playing the African Rain Rhythm on my African drum the other day at the drum reunion. They said I need to play the African Sun Rhythm now as we have had most of this years rain now. I had to tell them I haven’t learnt that yet so they got in a huff and hid in the sand pit, they buried their heads in the sand pit like Ostriches so they couldn’t see me. Both me and the headmaster said IDIOTS but they didn’t hear us because there heads were stuck in the sand. I think they might still be there.

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