Monday, 23 May 2011

The funeral and reality leaving its ripples in the fabric of time and space.

It was a sad day in our little town as mum and dad and the ghost writer had to go off to a funeral for someone from the town that was well known and lived a few houses along the road. This is a tricky situation in a diary of an internet eccentric because my diary is a rather light-hearted and jolly affair. But then it is also a diary that weaves between the world of reality and the unreality of fiction.

As mum and dad say none of us are immortal not even in the rather strange world of Social Network Eccentrics (me) we can only hope our spirit continues in the minds of others. So of course in my case it means the publication of the book by a very friendly international publisher, followed up by the block buster movie all being well by that very nice Steven Spielberg man or possibility someone else although it would not be quite the same.  The alternative is a small dwindling memory in the minds of a few loyal followers until gone finally becoming oblivion (not the rock band). And after all I don’t want to end up like the three Water Buffalo who were minding their own business standing in the fish pond eating pond weed when they were suddenly swallowed by a particularly large and hungry goldfish never to be seen again (that’s the Water Buffalo not the goldfish). As the dog said it is classic in these stories for this to happen; look at Star Trek it was always some unknown crew member who got eaten by the three headed monster. But as mum and dad pointed out even now when the grandchildren of the actor who played the unknown crew member eaten by the monster see it on television or the cinema they shout OOOO LOOK ITS granddad. So it just goes to show even in the wake of Star Trek there is a reality leaving its ripples in the fabric of time and space.  The dog did say that the grandchildren of the Water Buffalo would never be able to watch Star Trek because they can’t operate a TV remote but mum said IDIOT

Even that Harry Potter has found his place in history now and he never takes any notice of the reality he exists in. Not like me. The dog says he is not really a great fan of Harry Potter just too many humans and not enough dogs in the story for his liking, although he says we are starting to get too many cats in our story now. Particularly as Sooty the Cat has set up home in a box just outside the back door much to the disgust of Heavy Harry the Cat, although he is not attacking it quite so much. Still that’s reality for you; leaving cats in the ripples of time and space and not dogs ……. The dog says NOT FAIR.

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