Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The ghost writer, the telephone lines, the oak tree and the cat

The ghost writer has had a long yet productive day in the grey office but as is always the way with the grey office it sucks all his brain cells out and so he is just a gibbering idiot who is of no use to man nor beast. Anyway we have laid him out on the bypass, well on the grassy bit on the middle of the lanes near a lamp post and have put a few bollards round him.

I am off out to the African drumming reunion group tonight, it is a whole two weeks since we drummed and it only seems like it was 14 days ago to me. Anyway it means I am in a bit of a rush, well not a rush I don’t really do rushing much; well not at all as it happens. My day at school was one of those stereotypical days at school where everything happens as it should although being a stereotypical day I am a little concerned that I may be obliged to do the day twice but I hope not. The dog has suggested that there may two of me but I am hoping that is not going to happen either as we had trouble with multi dimensional worlds a few weeks ago or maybe it was longer than that. One of the great issues in both our worlds is it is very difficult to get time to run in a linear fashion and things have always happened ages ago when you think it was just a few days ago.

 Dad had asked the garden centre to keep him a small oak tree a while back and he went to collect it this morning. He found he had to hire a huge crane to get it home because it had grow into a huge tree and the garden centre owner said it had been in the back for years, and dad thought is was just a few weeks too. He got if home without any problems though; which was good. But Mr Jenkins said that everyone between our house and the garden centre had somehow lost all their telephone lines.  The police suspect cable thief’s stealing the cable for the copper, they even came to see dad because everyone said they had seen him moving a huge 150 foot tree with a crane on the same route but dad said he could see very little because the tree was so big but he said he might have heard them because he did hear wires going ping as he was transporting the tree. The police say it will sadly be another unsolved crime. Mum was muttering things in the background I think she might have said IDIOTS.

We seem to have another cat in the garden a black one but it is very frightened and very hungry but Heavy Harry keeps trying to beat it up. The dog said cats are like that they are  ******** ******* but mum told the dog off for swearing.


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  2. have retuned from drumming but it is late so just a quick comment on the blog for the unknown readers. It was good we even had a full drum kit to hand that used to be played by Phil Collins a long time ago and I had a left handed White Falcon to play through a big noisy amp so loads of fun.

  3. I cant spell or type which is why I reposted the comment.....Ho Hum