Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rock Star Shoes a knee and the Bollywood evening

Mr Ian the Musical Hat Maker has returned home with a new super bionic knee and all is well in fact he is making remarkable progress. The hospital were so pleased with his new knee they have been able to give Mr Ian a new special extra large foot. Unfortunately they forgot to mention the addition of the extra large foot to Mr Ian until after he came round from the anaesthetic.

He is not entirely pleased as his famous and now large collection of sparkly rock star shoes will only fit his one foot and he can only run round in circles. Ironically this is quite common in Mid-Wales, a lot of people run round in circles mum says dad is an expert and spent his whole life like that despite her giving him lists for thirty years which he has consistently failed to, at best finish or as often happens start. Apparently it’s a man thing if you give a man a list he will go off and do loads of other stuff most of which never needs doing. Some would say a bit like my diary, so that is good it makes me almost a man (sort of).

Anyway Mr Ian has been told it will be OK once he has his other bionic knee because then both his feet will be huge and he will run in a straight line again but as he points out none of his extensive collection of sparkly rock shoes will fit then and he will be left with the option of circus clown shoes. The doctors have tried to reassure him everyone likes circus clowns; but as  Mr Ian says this is Mid –Wales the indigenous population do not take kindly to laughter at the best of times and very often will shout BAH BA BAB BAH BAH BAH HUMBUG before scurrying off to eat grass or a nice patch of buttercups.

I have had a little bonfire today to clear some rubbish and make things look nice in the garden plus have a look for the black cat (Sooty) who still runs away in panic every time he sees someone. He was out last night going MEEEEEOOOOOOOOWwwwwwww a lot so woke us all up but has not been seen today. Heavy Harry having eaten this morning returned to the car and is having another sit in protest in the car.

Finally it is Bollywood night in Monty Town Hall tonight which sadly we are unable to attend but lots of effort has gone into making it look very authentic. Dad has even found them three large Water Buffalo which he has hidden behind the stage as a little surprise for them. They are sacred and are allowed to roam about at their own free will although they do seem a bit big to be wandering around on the first floor of the town hall.  

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