Sunday, 22 May 2011

The to do list of men. buffalo icecream and Sooty

We have three Water Buffalo in the garden at the moment which are all standing in the fish pond. The man dad bought them from says he doesn’t want then back. The dog said they would be great barbequed but I am not sure if that is either legal or practical and there are three of them. The only thing I remember about buffalo’s is that Buffalo ice cream is very yummy.

It has been a very very quiet Sunday which is just as well as according to the man on the wireless today is the day after the end of the world although my good friend Miss Fiona said the end of the world is next year not this year. I am not sure how many ends of the world we are allowed as I would have thought it was just the one but maybe that’s wrong and we might have loads of them.  Yesterday’s end of the world was only very gusty in Mid-Wales so it was not a very good end. Only the goldfish appear to be convinced it might be the real end of the world but then they have three huge Water Buffalo in the fish pond with them. 

I have been pottering about today as mum gave me a list of things to do and so I have been busy with that but seem to have managed to do a whole load of stuff that is not on the list. Dad said WELL DONE ROB but mum said IDIOT me and dad are not sure which one of us is the idiot now. We were going to ask mum but dad said she was too close to the Armadillo toaster so best just to hide and do things. Dad said he was going to look at his list but he then went to his workshop and was working on a stream powered leaping thing with Pirate Pete. I asked if it was on his list but he said NO, I asked Pirate Pete if it was on his list and he said NO too. Anyway I thought I better help them because it was not on my list either.

The dog spent the afternoon running between the oven and the Water Buffalo with a tape measure, only mum confiscated his chainsaw in the end so he gave up and came and helped with the steam powered leaping thing the dog does not have a list, LUCKY DOG.

The black cat Sooty finally got close enough to stroke tonight, he is very bony and he is a boy cat. Heavy Harry was and still is protesting in the car again so it gave Sooty a chance to eat and realize that unlike Heavy Harry we are not going to beat him up

Just to let everyone know that Ian the Musical Hat Maker, rock star and all round nice bloke is now settled at home and making a good recovery he is finding Auntie Karen’s FlambĂ©ed bacon sausage and eggs at breakfast very interesting. He says they would never make that for him in hospital but mainly because it sets the fire alarms off and every fire engine for fifty miles turns up and someone gets told off.   

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