Friday, 7 April 2017

F is For The Franciscan Friars, The Fishermen and the Flamingo.

Well I am repeating another one of the 2012 posts here because  mmmmmmmmm Because I can and that is the sort of chap I am. Now I dont know about you lot but I am still pondering and deciding whether to post the link in the comments on the A to Z page. Not sure what others think but it does seem all a bit confusing . . . . Well at the time of typing this, maybe it will get better we will see.

OK I have posted my link now, the numbers seem to have dropped a little so it is easier to keep track of stuff (upwards and onwards . . . PHEW) 

Right back to F and a tale that would be entirely true if i had used different words and not the F word (sorry about that)

FERRETING about at the FARMERS Market was FABULOUS until a FRACAS between a group of FRENCH FRANCISCAN FRYERS (sorry FRIARS) and the FIERY FIGHTING FISHERMEN of FISHGUARD FLARED up at the FRONT of the FISHMONGERS. It was all to do with FISH Quotas.   The FISHERMEN of FISHGUARD called the FRANCISCAN FRIARS “FRAUDULENT FREAKS” While the FRANCISCAN FRIARS said the FISHERMEN of FISHGUARD smelt of FORMALDEHYDE and FORMATION dancers. And they couldn’t catch FRANKENSTEIN’S monster if it was super glued to their FETLOCKS.     

When the FIGHT FINALLY FINISHED we bumped into FRANK or FINGERS FRANK as he is known he said “ Hello want to buy some FRANKINCENSE then; FOUR Quid and no Questions nudge nudge, FELL off a FORKLIFT hA hA hA.” FRANK is a FUNNY FELLOW

We were looking at a FLEA market stall and saw a FORGED FLYING FLAMINGO and FRANK said, “Worth a FORTUNE it’s a FAMOUS FORGED FOURTH century FIGURE of a bird goddess Robbie me mate Ha ha ha hah ha , offer him FIFTY and I’ll FIX a deal wiv a good FENCE”…………..  “FIFTY Quid …..FLIP me” said FLORENCE on the FLEA market stall. It’s  only an old FERROUS FLAMINGO from the FAMILY FARM. 

Mum was FURIOUS that I had been on the FIDDLE with FRANK and said the FLAMINGO was FILTHY so I had to clean it.  I have spent all day with FIBROUS clothes and FEATHERS FEVERISHLY polishing and have FINALLY FINISHED. 

Mum, Dad, the dog and Captain FLINT the parrot have all come to see and have all said F***********ing  H*****lllllll it is made of Gold. So FINGERS FRANK was right


  1. Well I for one am really glad you decided to post today's entry in the comments section as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I wasn't part of the Challenge back in 2012 - I began in 2014 - so it was all new to me and a Fabulous Find :)

    1. Thanks and thank you for the visit . . . . . I have left a comment on your blog

  2. All these capitalized words are freaking me out.

    I don't know if leaving my link on the A to Z page is doing much of anything as far as traffic goes. Leaving the link on comments of people's pages is yielding good returns. Of course, it's very time consuming.

    1. Thanks again for the visit :) you are definitely top of the list of visitors so far. . . So I will return the compliment now.