Wednesday, 5 April 2017

E is for Elephant Poetry

Well look we are at E in the blink of an eye . . . . Now last year (2016) I wrote some poetry as a chap does from time to time in the A to Z.  So as everyone likes a bit of poetry I thought it would be good to repeat this and I'm sure you will all cheer and agree . . . . 

Look you may as well because it will not make one iota (bit, mite, speck, scrap, shred, ounce, scintilla, atom jot, tittle, jot or tittle, whit, little bit, tiniest bit, particle, fraction, morsel, grain) of difference if you shout and wave your arms about in a O god no dont do it sort of way

One small point is that I dont work in an office in any form these days even though I did once in a while in the past. No I am just a lazy artist doing arty things these days and feeding the cats . . . So Elephant based poetry will after today finally bite the dust unless I happen to mention the Elephant in the Room. . . . Which I think is best not discussed at this point in time. 

An Elephant is
Big Wide Square and Grey
A bit like my office
Which I work in
During the day
But I don’t like my office
So sadly, I have told the elephant
He just cannot stay
So he has packed up his trunk
And wandered away
But he has said
He will never forget
And will return again

One day

DAMN that is not an Elephant is it


  1. i did enjoy your poem and it if something is worth saying once well its worth repeating

    Philipa (Ozzypip)
    Quilter and blogger
    Blogging her way through an A to Z quilt
    Ozzypip Quilts

    1. Thanks for your visit it is good to see new bloggers. I have promised to visit all who visit me so I will do so very shortly

  2. Quite a sweet Poem! I enjoyed your post!
    Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks I have written many poems on this blog and most of them are a bit odd . . . much like Me?

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    1. Three visitors on one day that is quite impressive for me. . .