Wednesday, 5 April 2017

D is for Digging, Dinosaurs and Deep Space

Hey I have made it as far as the Letter D I did not expect to last this long how cool is that. Ok todays post is about an event that happened back in 2014 I think although I have forgotten now . . . DAMN still it was jolly exciting (OK I Lie Slightly)

D is for Digging, Dinosaurs and Deep Space

 Today was rather a nice day and I was sort of acquisitioned to dig a small veggie bed for runner beans. But instead of the simple task of lift some turf fork over the ground add some compost and hay presto Uncle Fred is Uncle Fred, it got rather complicated. You see just under the surface a few inches was an ancient old cobbled surface that must have been really old. Mr Jones who can sniff out anything that might have alien origins was there in an instant, peering down at the surface of rough cobble and herring bone stone and declared that it was obviously alien as it was far too rough for a wheeled vehicle and was probably built by aliens in a hurry as long ago as the time of the dinosaurs.

No Dodos Died in the Drawing of this diagram (sorry picture)

His theory is that Aliens from Deep Space arrived on Earth and attempted to communicate with a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex that was doing its best to eat a large Aardvark. However Dinosaurs are not the best of communicators with aliens particularly when the aliens are using a huge Hammond Organ to play songs at them.  Now as we all know the  Tyrannosaurus Rex is a seriously grumpy beast and even more so when strange folk from deep space turn up in a big silver disc playing music while you are trying to eat an Aardvark. So (and this is Mr Jones theory not mine, I’m not mad) while eating; the Tyrannosaurus Rex also tried to take a bite out of the large silver disc but ended up choking to death, they were stupid dinosaurs.   The Aliens then think AH DAMN WE BETTER SCARPER, but finding the ground too soft to take-off are forced into making a large rough cobble and herring bone stone surface as a take-off platform, to be able to effectively use their Magnetic Iron Particle Beam Anti-Gravity Propulsion Unit to get away quick before someone thought they were trying to kill everyone and take over the planet.

It also explains why even to this day many aliens turn up inside huge scary mechanical monster looking things as they are all convinced they will meet a very grumpy based life form that goes around fighting and killing stuff all the time. . . . . . . . . HANG ON that last bit sounds familiar.

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