Friday, 22 April 2016

Poetry for a Snake and a huge mutant Sea Serpent.

A snake ate the Sister of the Son
The Second Son a Scared old Sailor
Who had worked hard in the past
As a whaler on a whaling boat
Surely, one of the very last
It then ate a Salad, and had a cup of tea
Slithering, Slipping and Sliding gracefully
And whispered Silently at what it did see
And promptly ate the Sailors Servant
A Soldier, a Slave and a Secular man
Who Screamed O no go away
Please do not eat me
But Shouting at a Snake is rather futile
It would be so much better just to flee
Then the  Snake  Smiled
And regurgitated various decomposing human parts
Which it gazed upon with interest
As it included  Several  Still moist pumping hearts
When what Should turn up
But a huge mutant Sea Serpent
As mutant Sea Serpents are inclined to do
Which promptly ate the Snake
Ate the human bits
And then ate me and you



  1. That's disgusting. I like it! Reminds me a bit of one of my kid's books: Class Two went to the Zoo. An anaconda eats everyone, then basically ralphs them back up. Since it's a kid's book, they're still together. Speaking of which, you should be illustrating books with these drawings.

    1. Not sure about illustrating books. . I have just started using colour as I have finally attached a pad like thing with its pointy stick to my old PC meaning I can tweak my little drawing a bit. Up until a few weeks again if was a case of drawing them with my trusty ball point pen then taking a photo and that was about it. Now I can fill them with colour and stuff. . . . Well Cool

      Hang on what is wrong with my poetry then.

  2. Ah, now I understand where the 'moist' part comes in. The snake could have just reassembled the parts and made a new celebrity icon...or a member of TOWIE.

    1. Yes it is not often I mention moist parts . . . Actually that is not entirely true as it seems to rain quite a lot here in the Shropshire countryside and most of its parts are very moist indeed. And I do sort of complain about it quite often.

      We may need some new franken-celebs soon they way they are vanishing at present.