Monday, 28 December 2015

Poetry for the things folk have not thought of yet

Sorry I have been on the roof clearing gutters and will be drumming tonight so I have written a short little poem again, that sort of went through my mind last night at some point before I fell asleep. OK the first line did and the rest has been done as I type.

There are more things
In heaven and earth,
Than are dreamt of
In your philosophy
But is that right
I ask myself
Because late at night
When there is no light
I dream of many things
I dream of shoes and ships
And sealing-wax
And of cabbages and kings
And a pelican riding a unicycle
Propelled along by, wound up springs
And a pink cat with twenty legs
Standing on a cake
And an octopus dancing with a frog
In a dark blue lake
And carol singers in the bath
Swimming up and down simply for a Laugh
And a five dimensional triangular Pentagon
Which can not be cut in half?
And Albert Einstein
Waving at a crow
Who is writing with his pen
The crow looking up and shaking his head
At the futility of men
And to add insult to injury
The crow shouts abusive language
Every now and then
At a chap called

Which is rather ironic thought
A huge thirty foot high
Mutant zombie hen 



  1. Hey Mr. Rob,

    Read your prose
    Don't you knows
    Read it again and again
    Ending with a mutant zombie HEN
    What the cluck?
    Now my rhyme is stuck!

    Nicely done, you had some fun. Maybe drum on the roof take a photo as proof :)

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary.....

    1. Nicely Done Mr G
      I do approve
      Of your

  2. And that's what happens when you eat cheese late at night...

    1. Cheese is good for you in many ways although I have never thought of it in any poetic sense before. It might explain why my poetry is Crackers. . .. . . . HAH AHah ah a ha hahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha