Friday, 4 December 2015

Poetry for Flies, Mosquitoes and God . . . . sort of

A Fly and a Mosquito
Sat on the University Wall
Watching the World go by
The Fly said to the Mosquito
These humans are all rather ODD
And believe in a
Two legged
Non flying GOD
Who lives somewhere up in the SKY?
But the Mosquito
Just looked
And said not a thing
Watching the World
And the talkative Fly
The Fly Watching and looking
And adding
Don’t get me wrong
We do get along
And they leave me
Huge piles
Of food
But when I then go to eat it
They attack me and shout
Which seems a little bit Rude
But the Mosquito flew off
And bit
A passing Student
On the Neck
So the student
Turned round
In order to check
What form of beast?
Had bitten his NECK
Only to see
The talkative Fly
Which the Student then thought
Needed to die
So he swiped at it repeatedly
With his University tie
But he just could not hit it
No matter how he did try
So the fly flew away
And found a rather delicious
Decomposing cheese and onion pie
So he ate and he feasted
And left some eggs
Quite near by
All watched from above
By a silent Mosquito
Up in the Sky
Who unknown to the Fly

Was GOD 


  1. Ah yes look to make this work you need to think in a sort of mad Shakespearian scientist sort of way, reading some bits slowly and some bits rather fast and then stopping from time to time. I would suggest several goes until you perfect it. . .

    No its worth it honest.

    1. Rob . . . . You are an IDIOT

      . . . . Thanks Rob

    2. Oooooo if anyone makes it here than many thanks you are very kind indeed

    3. OK I am sure my regulars at MADs will be passing by. . . . . they are a damn decent and loyal bunch who would shout out my poetry from the roof tops of the country proudly holding a pointy stick and things like that. . . . One for all and all for one sort of stuff. . . . . OK last one on the bus is a sissy HAH AH ha ah ah ah ahah ha ha hah ah a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. THAT, was a profound ending.
    And how many times do I have to tell you that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness? The second is answering.

    1. That ending only happened when I got to the end.

      Are you sure Rob


      And what about this talking to yourself

      No not me I have never seen you before in my life

      Nor Me

      Phew so we are still as as normal as ever then

      I am anyway . . . .

  3. Did not see that end coming.
    A mosquito is God!
    It just the God of flies or is it the God of all?

    Very profound.

    Very Cool.

    Very Rob.

    1. I think God of all Mr H, it would explain a lot. . . . . . .

      There are no Mosquito nets in heaven.