Monday, 21 December 2015

A Poem about the Controversy of Assumed Colour

Alice in Wonderland and someone else
also drawn rather badly

Today I have had a quite day pottering about and getting a few things done although I still have only wrapped one small present so far (YICKS PANIC) anyway two things I noticed out in the real world while hiding within the safety of my home environment. It is a nice place home and I will admit I am a lucky chap to be a position to have a nice home and family and few real problems in life at present. Other than finding a way to reveal my many talents to the greater world, while remaining a quiet modest sort of chap who is happier being a bit of a reclusive grumpy bloke.

Anyway the two things that registered in my mind that led to tonight’s Poem. . . . The first was the ISS passing over at quarter to five this evening (I did go and wave to Tim). Then I noticed that there appears to be a bit of controversy about Hermione Granger being Black in the stage play . . . . . I think the main issue is that folk have got so attached to the characters from the  films that quite frankly it has frazzled a few minds that they could be quite so different.

The result of these two events is tonight’s Poem, one that questions our deep routed ideas about colour 

When it’s dark
And you look into Space
The flying saucers you see
Are probably an Alien race
And if they point
A ray-gun at your head
Blame the cat
Or Uncle Fred
I mean no one
Likes to be incinerated
By a beast with three eyes
And if you ask a policeman for help
He will just say you’re telling lies
And Uncle Fred will wave his stick
And the cat will meow
And then be sick
On the flying saucers clean doormat
Which is typical
Of the average cat
And the alien will bleep
And maybe shout
As both the cat and Uncle Fred
Run about
As we all stick kitchen foil
On our head
In case the alien
Tries to read our minds instead
And as the cat leaps out the door
And Uncle Fred hides on the floor
We remember the wise words
That granny once said

“Why are aliens always Green and never Red”?


  1. That's the thing about characters who are well established. Look at the huge amount of Whovians who threaten to leave planet earth if the Doctor were to suddenly become a woman or changed colour. Or the protest at the little girl who played Rue in The Hunger Games. Or when the Super Heroes of the movies, aren't as they were depicted in the comics of old.
    Hopefully she will do well and blow all the critics's socks off...with her acting skills I mean, and not with a form of archaic devilry.

  2. I wonder if ISIS is ever thinking of ISS.

    1. Perhaps there are some reddish green or greenish red aliens and we just do not notice them. I think reddish green and greenish red are both forms of brown.

    2. I think we must assume that aliens from the far reaches of Space are probably multiracial which would make a visit to Britain a bureaucratic nightmare with all the paperwork. And is probably why they have given up trying to come and visit me.