Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Christmas Poem and a fat Squirrel

Yes its time for another repeated old poem from the past because Christmas is all about repeats and if you dont believe me just go and look and see what is on the television over the Christmas period. Just so you all know it has been raining again here today . . . . It is starting to turn me a little mad. Yes it is mild, in fact I think the temp outside is about the same as it was in the summer only it is much darker and WET . . . . And I notice that the Boxing Day sales have started in some of the shops . . . . . WHAT I am confused even more now.

Oooooooo we have a rather aggressive grey squirrel at present who is not only chasing the birds off but is now fighting us and making rude gestures as he escapes with all the peanuts. I am not entirely sure the laws of nature are meant to include an overweight greedy Squirrel 

Santa is a Zombie
Or so it has been said
He went to bed for a nap
And woke up a bit Un-Dead

So when he sneaks down your chimney
Or through your sewage drains
He will not want mulled wine or pies
He wants to eat your Brains

And when you wake up on Christmas Day
As one of the Un-Dead
You will find your wearing stockings
And a pointy hat that’s RED……..

AH HAH HA Hahah ah ah ah ha hahah hahah ha hah ah ah ahha hah ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ahh ha ha ha ha ha hah


  1. Ooh, I do like the new 'Featured Post' on Blogger.

    I'm a bit rubbish with this blogging lark lately. Like my school report always used to say, I must try harder.

    1. I know you are a clever soul Miss Lily you cant fool me. . . . Hang on if you are a clever soul you can fool me . . . . DAMN I'm confused now

  2. I watched a film the last week called Christmas Horror Story in which Santa has to fend off a load of zombie elves.
    It even had William Shatner in it (Cpt Kirk to you!)

    It was, I'm sure you guessed, bonkers.

    1. He is a funny chap that Mr Shatner I think a bonkers film would appeal to him. Maybe I should ask him to be me in the film made by Steven Spielberg. Or better still me could play Harry Potter in the film about me.