Monday, 12 October 2015

Poetry for New Scientist and The Theory of Everything

While reading Twitter today, New Scientist said
Which quite frankly I thought was a bit of a Pain
There is still not a Theory of Everything
From the colour of Frogs, or Stars
To cellular structure of Cellophane.
WHAT I thought . . .WHAT. . .Are they MAD
Do they not read my Brilliant (but very humble) Blog
This is simply quite staggeringly BAD
Have I not explained in much detail everything?
From Zombies, Monsters, goats and STUFF
To exactly why there is a leg on each corner of dogs 
(that go RUFF)
Well it makes me wonder what their Journalists DO
Are they all in an Editorial MEETING?
Or mucking about making DNA with matches and GLUE
Claiming expenses for going out EATING
Drinking Coffee and Lager as they point and laugh
At the corners of dogs and a short pink giraffe
Which purely out of curiosity they then cut in half
Well that’s what they tell the Police
So next time you see a New Scientist CHAP
Tell him to wake up get on the internet 
And read all my CRAP (sorry Blog)
Not snore at his desk while having a NAP
YES YES we know its research after a long Lunch
Discussing the Big Burger Theory
Is my own educated Hunch.

I may have just ruined my Job prospects with a certain Science Based Journal

 . . . . . . . . . . DAMN  


  1. Forget those guys
    They know nowt!
    'Cos it's us RaTS
    Who have all the clout.

    We are the brains,
    if not the beauty.
    We may not have the brawn
    But our thoughts are quite fruity!

    There is nothing worse
    Than being ignored
    Form poetry to stories
    Our reader(s) will never be bored!

    1. A master piece Mr H I am very proud of you . . . . . . . .A Gold Star effort.