Saturday, 24 October 2015

More Halloween Poetry (or Part Two as it is technically known in the trade)

What does a Parrok Eat
On the night of Halloween
Small children covered in Chocolate
Although some say that’s rather Mean
And a deep fried battered Vicar
Caught by a fisherman
In the wild Batter-SeaS
Which is will eat with great enthusiasm
With a big pile of Mushy Peas
And when it has had enough
It will head out to have some fun
And will Promptly be very sick
On some poor unsuspecting passing Nun
Which is why many religious folk
Do not like the Night of Halloween
Because they find they might get eaten
Or end up messy 
Rather than clean

So if pass a Parrok
And it is pondering what to Eat
Just make sure you are not dressed
 As a Nun or a Vicar
Or you will become its next

Trick or Treat

Ron Weasley likes Halloween
He really is a One
Running up and down in the dark
Frightening little old ladies
Just for Fun


  1. The real horror in that poem, is mushy peas!

    1. I entirely agree I am no fan of Mushy Peas. but they can be useful in poetry. . . .

    2. I'm not a fan of Halloween,
      As I hope you have already guessed.
      But I take Umbridge at anyone,
      Who says mushy peas are not the best!

      (they are the best!!!)

  2. This will be my granddaughter's first Halloween. I aM noT surE whaT heR costumE wiLL bE yeT. I am thinking of dressing as a Yeti. That gives me the choice of either being an abominable snowman OR an ice chest. I was leaning towards ice chest.