Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The loss of cyberspace and the survival of a goldcrest

As I type this it appears I am devoid of access to the wondrous world of cyberspace which means that I cant annoy anyone what so ever in the cyber-world, not that I was planning to go out of my way to do so in particular, but being a grumpy chap one has to be prepared for the unexpected. Talking of which I have just saved a tiny Gold Crest from a fate worse than death when it hit the window right next to me as I was disposing of a few Bay Leaves having just given the bay tree (bush) a bit of a prune.  The poor little Gold Crest was well stunned so I had him, her, it, in my hand to keep it warm while I did stuff, although it does mean it is covered in plaster dust. It is not easy to do stuff with a tiny frail little critter like that in your hand so it has been put on to the summerhouse roof to recover (hopefully), I will check in a bit.

I have also just this second had a phone call to inform me tonight I am drumming so come 7.00 pm (in a couple of hours I will be engrossed in the rhythms of Africa as I play Djembe to the great gods in the sky. It is important to play to the gods and one should never just make a lot of noise for the sake of it, I mean only an IDIOT would do that . . . . . . AH DAMN. 

Well it appears the little Bird has flown off so must be OK and the internet appears to have returned so all is well again despite the fact one of the cats is wagging its tail, but it always wags its tail . . . . . . AH no hang on take everything I said about the internet being back, back. It is not back. . . . .  The joys of technology, do you know that my faithful African Drum has never once failed to work when I play it and there is not a single bit of modern technology in it.

Last night as I was about to vanish off to bed I suddenly found that my Twitter account was being followed by JK Rowling; well that was very very odd indeed, but when I checked this morning I discovered it has been followed by the wrong JK Rowling who appears to look like the other one and talks about old Harry Potter like they are old pals from the days of sitting in the cafĂ© with a trusty ball point pen.  I have to say it is just a bit odd and given the choice I would prefer having a real one rather than a fake JK Rowling following me on Twitter.  Anyway there is no challenge in making a fake one like seagulls, stroking their heads as they recite . . . . Who’s a Pretty Potter then . . . . Harry wants a peanut. . . . . . .

OK well that’s about it for tonight I will be off to have a Baked Potato with cheese salad and various dressings. . . 

All I need to do now is wait for cyberspace to return.

Well that took a while and that’s for sure. . .  


  1. I'd take a fake JK Rowling any day...when I say take, I don't mean as in kidnap. But alas, social media continues to confound me, and so I don't go on it often enough to receive the followership of fake celebraties.

    1. I have been followed by many characters from Harry Potter on Twitter over time but they only stay a few weeks at max and then vanish. I sort of feel sorry for the real JK Rowling on twitter because what ever she tweets gets a million comments of OMG or Follow Me or I want to have your Baby . . . . . OK I am not sure too many folk have tweeted that last one yet.

      I dont advise kidnapping a fake JK Rowling either there is no money in it and you might end up in gaol for a SPELL . . . . HAH AH HAh a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Curious how a small bird hits you window and the internet turns off!
    There is more to this than meet the eye.

    What if there is an avian conspiracy aimed at collapsing human civilisation by blocking our attempts to communicate?

    Lets look at the facts...

    The bird headbutted your window. One of the most popular operating systems is... WINDOWS!!!!

    Your computer may have FILES on it. FILES is an anagram of FLIES and birds fly!!!

    it's all adding up now...

    Birds like worms and sometimes computer viruses are called worms!

    Lot's of birds sit on telephone wires and thats were we get our internets from.

    Lets not forget that people on twitter send TWEETS and thats how bird TWEETING (JK ROWLING fake or not, included)

    Holy Smoke!!!!

    Be careful out there Rob.

    1. OOooooooo that was good Mr H there is a whole post in that, its like reading Einstein doing nature, or that Alfred Hitchcock and the film The Birds where he burnt the cake and upset all the crows while trying to stop the tide.

      And it is interesting that it was an APPLE that led to the discovery of gravity that has kept the rest of us on the ground ever since.

      I am on alert Mr H and as they say in the movies