Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Geese, Cats, Fame and the Workings of the Mind

To Write Right
Can be Rotten
If you start to Write
And Find


Well that about says it all it a sort of short poetic and lyrical way, or does it . . . . .

AH yes it appears it does. 

Have you ever found this . . . It happens to me all the time, I will be somewhere doing something fairly everyday like maybe hunting for the cat who has decided to eat next doors cat because he does not like it. And . .  As has just happened about five minutes ago had a large flock of Canada Geese in a huge V formation shouting their heads off fly right over the top of you at about thirty of forty feet high (OK it was rather awesome to tell the truth). But the thing is while hunting the cat I was pondering an interesting tale about stuff, and maybe in fact without any doubt the best poem I have ever thought of. .. . NO its true it was the one that would have finally propelled me into the spotlight of stardom with millions of folk going OMG or ME or other such comments on Twitter every time I tweet as happens to that Mrs J K Rowling when she tweets, which must be a bit annoying, but I enjoy doing it 3589 times or so to cheer her up. Actually I think she might be avoiding me again, and the fake JK Rowling has gone into hiding too. 

AH sorry I got distracted a bit. . . As I said I had the poem and tale to tell (type) but then after the distraction of the geese I could not remember how it was all going to actually fit together and when I sat down it all turned into a mush of foolish words, total nonsense in a sea of nonsense which made no sense like much my typing and tales at times. 

So now I have to consider if seeing a rather awesome flock of geese shouting at me flying just over my head as I shouted AWESOME back at them waving, was worth the loss of all that fame and fortune from my totally brilliant post tonight, which is now lost in my mind forever. . . . . . . I have given this much (30 secs) thought and what is fame and fortune anyway in relation to the wonders of nature. . . . So tomorrow I will be waiting with a large pointy stick HAH HAH aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha . . . . .  Goose for Christmas dinner me thinks      

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