Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Party Political Post involving no Zombie Poetry or Harry Potter

Dear comrades I say comrades because this is a Party Political Broadcast (post) by RATs (Radical Abstract Thinkers) or as it has been pointed out by Mr H . . . . PRATs as we are the Political Radical Abstract Thinkers. Well thank you Mr H for pointing this out to everyone in cyberspace, a note has been made on your file. 

Now the reason we are speaking (typing) to you today is that it is time I mentioned the terrible plight of the Syrian refugees who are risking all to escape their own country. Of course in an ideal world we would all welcome them with open arms and help as many as we can. But it is not a perfect world by a long way; if it was then they would probably not need to leave Syria which if it had been run fairly over the years should be a lovely country. Sadly it has been run corruptly and if you add the various wars that have taken place in recent years in the surrounding countries has been in a state of chaos for a while. 

The result is the Islamic extremist group IS (ISIL or ISIS depending on who you are) plus various other groups including the Syrian Government are involved in a complex war that is spilling over to other countries and appears to show little mercy to the ordinary people of the region.

So the ordinary folk of the region are left with the option of staying put and living in fear of death or leaving with their families and heading to Europe where there is a chance of a better life.  From their point of view the choice is simple, Europe is the land of opportunity where folk are treated fairly and everyone can achieve great things by working hard and people are not left by the wayside to starve and beg or exploited by the corrupt authorities.

As we all know the expectations of the refugees and the reality are rather different and as they enter Europe having been robbed by traffickers and putting their life on the line to get here. They then find they are now just a number in a political tussle as each of the European countries tries to avoid any commitment to help them.  Britain should do its bit and take its fair share in my opinion, as the political instability of Syria and the surrounding region has not been helped by our countries intervention in the politics of the area. 

The Prime Minister Mr Cameron has said several times now that Libya, Syria and Iraq need to find solutions, and yet he appears to do little to find one except help bomb the Extremists of IS. 

Now you might be waiting for me to propose a brilliant solution to it all and come up with a master plan no one has thought of. . . . . AH DAMN YES well sorry about that I don’t have one. But I do think Europe should do more to help those who are risking death to get here and Britain should do its bit and show we are a compassionate nation.  The Syrian refuges do not want all our benefits so they can sit about all day watching TV all they want is the opportunity to live in peace and without fear and where they can work and achieve the best for their family, as we all do.

Tomorrow will see me return to the core subject material of my blog which as we all know is gibberish Zombie Poetry and a bit of Harry Potter and his Mites (sorry Mates).

Remember Vote for PRATs  . . . . Once again many thanks for this Mr H . . .


  1. Firstly, I feel I must apologise... I'm sure what for, but like most politicians I will say that I regret my actions and vow not to get caught again... (?)

    Secondly, the news stories we see of the refugees is, to my tiny mind, equal parts astonishing and scary and confusing.

    It is very hard for us, living a life of luxury, compared to those poor souls, to mock their plight or dismiss their pain and anguish as not our problem.

    It is not quite as easy as some say, that we should welcome them all with open arms.
    There are those who say "our country is full"... it's not... but folks coming over would not spread out in an even fashion and it would not take long before those with tiny little pea brains would take it upon themselves to attack or commit hate crimes against those to came to us for sanctuary.

    One thing I have seen on the news today is all those folks trying to get on a train... and you know what... It was easily 90% men.

    There was the odd woman and child but overwhelmingly males, pushing and shoving.

    Where are their families? Why are they men?

    It's all very confusing and I don't have any answers either. I don't think there are any.

    This is a religious war. And that is not one that can be won with bullets or cash.... Blimey the real world is an awful place.

    1. Indeed Mr H their are many complex issues but at present British politicians appear to be doing nothing but claiming some sort of moral high ground. Even if as a country we were to say we will only take families with young children it would be something.

      One thing is for sure this is not a problem that will simply go away if we ignore it, so those in power need to act not play political games.

  2. Er...if we're now going to be known as PRATS, I would like it noted that I would like my membership to be revoked.

    According to a poll today, (does anyone really take any notice of these results) 1 in 10 would welcome a refugee into their homes, whilst 6 in 10 would not. Does this mean that the majority agree with Cameron? All I know is that after the pictures of the little 3 year old boy's body being washed up on the beach was highlighted, something needs to be done. Children are being separated from their parents and put into foster centers which are rapidly becoming full.

    The thing is, you're right Mr Z, not all of them are after a life on benefits, in fact, the majority don't even want to settle in the UK. We're just a brief stop on the way to other countries in Europe. Though you wouldn't know it the way it's being reported.

    1. There are certainly no easy answers but folk need to remember most Syrians would rather life in a peaceful Syria than in Europe. But given the chance to work and do their bit in Europe they will refugees should be seem as a possible asset to the country not a burden.

      1 in ten and 6 in 10 is 7 in 10 which means 3 in 10 are sitting on the fence therefore their homes are empty so free for refugees to stop in.