Friday, 4 September 2015

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

I have been at the village hall Market today, it is a traditional Friday event so I do try to get to it each week to chat to the locals and catch up on what’s happening. When I say catch up on what’s happening I am not talking at a national or global level, I am referring to the state of folks tomatoes, lawns and whether anyone has seen a Zombie or heard the Banshee in the woods. To tell the truth as a sort of nice slightly reclusive middle class chap who has a fairly chilled life and owns his house and gets by OK; but with a fairly leftish view of politics it might be best not to get into national news and what’s happening as I feel I might be tied up and burnt as a heroic or witch. I mean I would not shoot the last wild Polar Bear in Britain just because it has destroyed your entire broad bean crop and scared (or is it scarred or maybe both) the cat. Which is the sort of thing that happens a bit round these parts and is why sadly I have to announce the news that the last wild Polar Bear in Britain had a bit of an accident the other day while stalking a rather healthy heard of Blight free Potatoes in the early morning sun.  No honestly there are folk around here well into their nineties who can handle a twelve bore rifle like John Wayne on acid. Luckily they don’t read my blog or I would be in trouble for sure. Just in case any of you do read this I would like to add it’s a lovely Polar Bear rug and will make a great centre piece for the harvest supper.

After my weekly pilgrimage to the village market and my now tradition Bacon and Sausage sandwich, Ah yes they sneak a sausage into it now for extra taste, I returned home to continue my DIY on the almost completed kitchen. OK I stopped for lunch and had a few cups of tea and a bit of chocolate cake at one point and, OOOOoooooo yes we did have a short visit by a rather good artist who was passing by from Dartmoor. OK it is not easy to pass by Shropshire from Dartmoor without some effort but she was off to the dentist. Maybe to some travelling 400 miles one way to see the dentist might seem  excessive, but not in Britain, not these days. Anyway she is a very good artist and quite well known in certain circles so I will not mention her name. 

Then after the DIY I have sat down to write a little something for the Blog (this), not as easy as it might appear because folk do not appear to like Poetry . . . OK they don’t like my poetry, and politics is not good either. I know folk sort of like witches and banshees but I write about them loads, and I cant tell you about the Polar Bear because of its unfortunate accident.  We do have Pine Martens near by and also the very rare dormouse a few miles away and luckily they don’t eat folks vegetables so they should be OK, although I am told Dormice are very very tasty in a sandwich with some bacon. HANG ON they told me it was a sausage DAMN, I’m sure there is (was) more than one of them.


  1. Ah, I've discovered that to have a successful blog Mr Z, you have to be a writer who writes about writing and what writing about writing, entails. Those writers then reach out to other writers and in writing, they all detail their struggle/success with writing.
    Unfortunately, I'm just a blogger who writes and not a writer who blogs, so no success will be coming my way.

    As for the poor Polar Bear, does it come in black? It would look lovely in my front room, under my 1970s (originally my mum's) square glass table.

    1. Miss Lily I can see your 1970s (originally your mum's) square glass table, and raise you my folks 1960's G Plan glass top table, presently in the garage.

      Sadly the Polar Bear rug only comes in White. But I do believe a hedgehog can make a grand door mat.

      And I do agree it appears that many many blogs appear to be about how to be a writer and folk write huge amounts about how to be a writer of stories but oddly few actually write stories on their blogs. I think many think everything they write should have commercial value rather than just enjoying writing. Maybe I should write a post about this It might have legs. . . like the glass top tables the polar bear and the hedgehog, all of which like myself have seen better days.

    2. I for one would be interested to read your take on writers who write about writing stories, without actually writing stories themselves.