Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Surprise Birthday Party, Leaping About, Fruit, Zombies and a Hot Air Balloon.

It has been a lovely day today after what was a nice day yesterday and as it happens it is predicted to be a nice day tomorrow, so we are back with a feeling of summer again after the arrival of autumn. I know this is not very exciting is it, but as I have said many many times stuff like this happens or does not happen. One thing I have noticed mind you is there are lots of berries and fruit on the trees and there is some sort of saying about . . . Much Fruit Means Many Zombies Ahead. . . .  No sorry not that one, I mean the one about Much Fruit Means a Hard Winter.  Interestingly the saying about  . . . Much Fruit Means Many Zombies Ahead. . . .  Also means it will be a hard winter for your head as the little (OK Large) critters try and eat your brains, ironically they don't like fruit.

OK back to events of the here and how and our theme this year in volume five of my popular diary (all publicity is good publicity so they say) being the Unknown meant that we went to a surprise sixtieth birthday party for Miss L which means that it was entirely unknown to her until she was faced with family and a few good friends all singing. . . Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell. . . . .  AH no that was later on I think we all sang happy birthday and then drank and ate and danced about having a good time.  Well as you know I don't drink alcohol so was drinking orange juice, as it happens I like orange juice although it is not good for your liver. . . . You just can't win with these things at present.

I also have a bit of an issue leaping about dancing . . . sort of dancing  . . . . .Ok just leaping about but in time with the music . . . Ok not in time with music . . . .  Although I can do Air Guitar better than Mr N he is rubbish, but then I can play a guitar (sort of) which helps. Right back to the point I have dodgy feet, meaning staying upright can get tricky and to make matters worse I am not as fit as I was in the past and leaping about leads to rapid exhaustion and a less agile panting Zombie sort of dancing. Which in turn leads to folk offering you bowls of fruit because of the old saying . . . . .  Much Fruit Means Many Zombies . . . . 

Anyway it was a grand party and as I am a unsociable grumpy bloke I was rather pleased that there were a modest number of folk rather than hundreds which would have scared me into hiding in a cupboard. It is not easy to leap about in cupboards.

OOOOOoooooooooo I have just returned from being outside watching a hot air balloon attempting to avoid landing in the woods. Not a good move as the new battery pheasants have just been released and they have not worked out yet that eating hot air balloonists is not a good move. Luckily they cleared the trees and are on their way to the Castle of the Bishop. (That’s the balloon not the pheasants although in the long run it would be in their best interest).   



  1. I mainly play error guitar. If I ever visit the state of Maine, I try playing their state anthem, so then I would be playing Mainely error guitar. For now I wiLL concentrate on playing at work, which happens to be on Main Street, that would be Main Streetly. Hmmm, I think I just made a new word, eXciting stuffff, "streetly".

    It rained a little here yesterday. I had a dream it froze last night and wiped out aLL my pineapple plants. They are getting to spend several days extra outside.

    1. I will have to investigate streetly it is not a spelling error. Hot and sunny (sunnly) over here again.

  2. Ah good and somewhat grumpy human, Rob. Such a pleasant sunny Sunday. I actually believe that you are the life and mole, um soul of any party. Be well and sorry for my human's absence.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

    1. Penny a visit from you is a great honour. . . I am pleased beyond words that you have visited. OK when i say beyond words that is plainly a lie or I would not have written this but I think you get my jist Penny. . . Regards to Mr G and I hope he has a long and happy life in his new home. . . take care and no chasing sticks.