Monday, 31 March 2014

The A to Z Challenge 2013 Reflections Post . . .

So Tomorrow is the 1st April and the start of the A to Z challenge; I sort of see myself as an old hand at doing this partly because I have been known to do it even when it is not April, because I am silly.  So I thought . . .  What can I say today, and then I thought I know I will repost last years A to Z reflections post, partly because it saves me writing loads and partly because I suspect no one else will do it. 

So here we have it the 2013 A to Z reflections Post of Rob Z Tobor     

As we all know the internet has a group of creatures living in it called Bloggers, these creatures live in the dark tapping away at keyboards looking at little monitors, creating a little world for themselves in the open spaces of cyberspace. Like they did in the early days of the Wild West when the homesteaders would create a cosy home and chase cows.

But here in cyberspace there are no cows to chase so folk (The Bloggers) get all confused and lose their way and fall through a huge black hole, something that I don’t think happened in the Wild West. However one day a wise man had an idea, he was one of the Bird men and as we know ideas hatch in the minds of Bird men; his idea was to have an alphabet letters chase where the Bloggers could chase a different letter each day. So now each year in April a new herd of letters from A to Z are released and we all chase them like demonic typists in a typing pool (not one with water in).

Once we catch all the letters, there is an A to Z for everyone we cheer and make merry and have hotdogs and hot chocolate with march mallows (well I do) and tell stories of how we almost caught this huge Y but it escaped and we just ended up with regular Y’s like everyone else. And how the B hid in the undergrowth and you almost missed it, and we all laugh HAH HAH AH HAH HA HAH HAH AH hah ah ah ahahah hahhah ha hahah ha ha ha ha ha ha

But it is May  now (OK it is not May but it was) and the letters need to be put away again which is what I am doing today, you see this idea having been hatched is still new to many of the Bloggers and of course we all know that a young Hatch is called a Hatchet. And there is a very old and well known saying created for disposing of young hatched ideas once there are not needed again (until next April . . .TOMORROW ) which goes . . . . . . . . . To Bury the Hatchet . . . . . .

So outside in the garden while doing other things of which I will speak in a minute (No I wont), I have been burying the alphabet in the veggie patch to see if later in the year I can get a really good crop of Peas  ……..

HAH HAH HAH HAH AHH HAHA HAHH HAH ah ah ha hahahh ahah ah ahahah hah ah ahah hah hah ah hah aha hahah ha

I need a cup of Tea . . . . HAH HAH HA hah ah hahh ahah h ahaha hah.

So I have now disposed of all my letters so if you wish to see them, (mine were fairy tales) they are now part of the Blogging Underground, a place where RATs live . . . . . .   The Radical Abstract Thinkers . . . membership by invitation only, and rather exclusive to boot (to boot . . . . .where did that little saying come from, very odd).

 . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. 

However, it is 2014 now

OK I never went  


  1. Mr. R,

    Nothing like a repeat about your reflections of reflections of the amazing alphabet challenge.

    Happy aardvarks, I say.

    HAH HAH HAH HAH AHH HAHA HAHH HAH ah ah ha hahahh ahah ah ahahah hah ah ahah hah hah ah hah aha hahah ha

    I need a cup of Tea . . . . HAH HAH HA hah ah hahh ahah h ahaha hah.

    C U, Mr. R!

    1. Hang in there Mr G it will be over as quick as you can say Rum and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream . . . .

  2. So if you throw hatchets at your friends it's a good thing right? My friends never really appreciate it.

    1. It is a good thing I have thrown them at my friends for years and they never say a thing. OK they are decomposing a bit these days but they are always smiling (sorry I mean smelling)

  3. Waiting for this year's peas and teas. :)

  4. I saw your title with A and Z and reflection in the title and wonder how many letters are symmetrical about a rotational axis. Of course it depends on your font.


    b and d reflect to each other and d rotates to p