Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Fabled American Big Foot spotted on a Milton Keynes Roundabout

Mr F has headed back eastwards towards the roundabout town of Milton Keynes with its loud rowdy Premier Inn (well it certainly was while we were there). However one slight advantage of folk being noisy, drunk and shouting at one another is you do get to hear some interesting things. One bit of conversation I did pick up on was from one of the more noisy drunk people outside the bar who was telling everyone of a strange beast he had seen on the roundabouts of Milton Keynes which he said was a large ape like beast that was the spitting image of the famous American ape like creature known as Big Ears. He said he knew all about Big Ears because he had read that book by the famous naturalist Ernest Blyton and all his mates (all five of them) nodded and agreed that indeed he had.

The American Big Foot (Ears)

So it seems quite logical to me that if the fabled American ape the Big Ear can be found on a roundabout in Milton Keynes, there is a damn good change that out in the woods there may well be at least one and if there was I was going to find it. Even the Lemmings of Petrograd have told me in the past they have seen furry creatures with long ears flying out in the woods at dusk, so I set off to find it after Mr F left…

Well I say I set off to find it I was going to set off to find it but dad said I had to cut the hedge first which I did, well I say I did; I did most of it, but about three quarters of the way round the hedge I managed to accidently attack a wasps nest with the super chunky steam powered hedge trimmer. Wasps do not take kindly to being attacked with a large hedge trimmer even when it is done accidently and despite a quick apology and running for the hills one of the little beasts attacked my hand. Luckily I remembered that George Harrison in Raiders of the lost Ark being attacked by Beetles and he sucked the poison out straight away and lived, so I did the same.   And as you can tell I am still alive and typing…..

It also appears that the man who was telling all about the American ape like creature with Big Ears was reading the wrong book and he might have had Big Feet too or maybe just the one Big Foot (that’s the ape not the man although he had quite big feet)…….    


  1. I have a relative in SD that lives on Big Foote (with an e) Road.

  2. Maybe it's not just big ears and feet. Maybe it's big everything. Perhaps a giant, who knows? Since you are Britain's leading Cryptozoologist, I'll let you figure it out.

  3. I read your post, and for some semi-strange (deranged?) way it made me want to do plumbing. I can't eXplain it, it is just a missed tree. Rats! Spellchecker did it again, that is mystery, not missed tree. This voice re cog knit shun soft wear is reliable un.